Traveling coast-to-coast for ‘Cat athletics

Sophomore golfer Will Flitcroft. Photograph courtesy of Chico State.

The ’Cats travel far and wide to reach their goals.

The volleyball team went to Honolulu last season, the women’s golf team went to Texas and the men’s golf team will be traveling to Miami.

“Our coach is really good about letting us adventure where we are at,” said sophomore volleyball player Shannon Boling. “We got to go downtown and got to experience the beach. We even got to go to a luau.”

Focusing is a vital part of the trip, Boling said.

“We tried to make sure we didn’t stay out in the sun a lot,” Boling said. “You do try and make sure you’re still ready for gameday. We did a lot of team-oriented things.”

Flying glorifies travel and makes it seem like a bigger deal than it really is, said sophomore golfer Will Flitcroft.

Preparation is key to a successful performance, he said.

“I think in golf you try to keep everything the same,” Flitcroft said. “I like waking up at a certain time everyday on tee off days and you want to keep everything pretty much the same.”

The women’s golf team has already made a trip to Texas this season and will get to travel to Arizona in March, said said Kathy Dais, women’s golf head coach.

“I think it’s a really good experience for the girls,” Dais said. “They get to see different areas of the United States. Traveling is one of the greatest things to open your mind.”

However, traveling has a disadvantage that some may overlook .

“When we lose hours it’s tough,” Dais said. “A week before, we get up early so we can get on a different schedule.”

Gameplay isn’t the only plan for the golf team’s upcoming trip to Miami, Flitcroft said.

“Hopefully we go to the beach,” he said.

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