Why men hate ‘The Bachelor’

Matt Murphy

Ah, hear that? It’s the sound me yelling in celebration that yet another season of “The Bachelor” is over and I won’t have to hear or see a commercial about it for months.

Men almost universally cannot stand America’s premier reality dating show. I think part of it has to do with the fact that, over time, the show’s largely female viewing audience has gotten it labeled as a “chick show.” At the risk of seeming unmanly, men don’t want to admit they watch the show.

Personally, I find the objectification of women on the show to be the biggest reason to avoid its time slot on ABC. Their personalities are warped by the editing that is reality television to the point that I doubt any of the women the viewer sees are anything like they are in real life.

They are reduced to being judged on their appearances while competing for the attention of one man, which I’m assuming is how dating worked when we were living in caves.

Maybe I’m beating a dead horse, but I’m going to relish these next months with bachelor-free television.

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