Study Break: The Birds of Prey ‘Am I Just an Animal’ Album Review

Ben Fillion, performs vocals, guitars, lyrics and saxophones for The Birds of Prey. Photo Courtesy of Ben Fillion.

New York City experimental rock band The Birds of Prey just finished their first eleven-track album titled “Am I Just An Animal.”

The album plays like a musical roller coaster due to the incorporation of many musical genres such as folk, hard rock and funk.

At one moment, a song will play with a soothing folk element and then, out of nowhere, the vibes of the music will change to something similar to Jimi Hendrix.

The album opens up funky with the song “Killin’ Floor” and continues with a multitude of experimental sounds through songs like “Colors of the Sea” and “1984.”

They use a vast amount of sounds throughout the album from various instruments such as the organ, guitar, piano and most-loved instrument of all: the cow bell.

If you’re looking for an interesting album to play in the background of a homework session, “Am I Just An Animal” is definitely worth consideration.

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