The O-Face: Toying around with sex toys

Michael Karp Photo credit: Kasey Judge

Yes, I
still play with toys, but not the Legos and race cars that used to consume my

Different types of toys are beginning to catch my eye, and honestly, these ones are much more fun.

Here are the sex toys I’ve experimented with:


The first toy I tried was a dildo. It’s meant to simulate a penis, and I used it on my partner spontaneously in the middle of one of our sessions. Having only ever seen it used in porn, I can’t say that I knew what I was doing.

However, after a few more attempts, I found dildos to be great for multitasking, especially during foreplay.

Torpedo vibrator

My next endeavor involved a vibrator. The cashier at the sex shop advised a simple, black, multispeed vibrator shaped like a torpedo.

Trust me — these things are worth the money. I’m really into the pleasure I give my partner, and vibrating toys are a great way to stimulate the clitoris. I use this device both during foreplay and while we are having sex.

Realizing that vibration is the way to go, I recently purchased a penis ring and tongue piece.

Both of these items vibrate for the same reason, but one of them is glorious and the other isn’t even worth the package it came in.

Penis ring

This thing is awesome.

This item of glory goes around the base of the penis. It has a vibrating protrusion meant to pleasure your partner as it makes contact.

I like to roll my body in a certain way to stimulate the clitoris as we have sex, so I found this toy to be the perfect enhancement for that. I’ve also heard that they help men last longer, although I found no difference in my stamina.

Tongue piece

The particular tongue piece I bought should be discontinued.

It’s so difficult to give adequate head with this thing. The rubber has no grip at all and slipped right off my tongue. I also couldn’t tell what part of my partner’s body I was actually touching, so it felt like giving head while my tongue was numb.

Within about five minutes, I didn’t hesitate to rip it off and continue old school.

With only one mishap under my belt, sex toys are becoming a great addition to my sex life. Sex is amazing in and of itself, and these items only add to the adventure and excitement.

If you’d like to do some browsing to see if anything catches your own eye, I suggest checking out the vast selection of online sex shops or taking a trip to your local sex store.

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