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Morning sex: The best kind of breakfast in bed

Morning sex: The best kind of breakfast in bed

Sophia Xepoleas // April 14, 2015

Your eyes are just starting to open, and your mind is just waking up. You roll around in an attempt to collect your last comfortable moments in bed and decide to indulge in some spoon action with your...

Illustration by J.Q. Hammer

Etiquette lesson: Having sex while roommates are home

Sophia Xepoleas // March 9, 2015

Your hormones are raging, your blood is pumping and you're ready to go. You're about to be taken down a road of sexual exploration and are nothing short of pumped. You're about to enter pound town....

Michael Karp Photo credit: Kasey Judge

The O-Face: Toying around with sex toys

Michael Karp // April 26, 2014

Yes, I still play with toys, but not the Legos and race cars that used to consume my time. Different types of toys are beginning to catch my eye, and honestly, these ones are much more fun. Here are...

Michael Karp Photo credit: Kasey Judge

The O-Face: Sexual competition, contentment

Michael Karp // April 23, 2014

Having sex makes me happy. Of the many things in life that I enjoy, sex is a front-runner, and it’s been this way since I lost my virginity. I recently read a blog post that scientifically...

Michael Karp

The O-Face: The gift of giving head

Michael Karp // April 8, 2014

I view oral sex as a gift to my partner. Besides the emotional satisfaction of giving pleasure, and in extenuating circumstances like 69, it’s done without any pleasure of my own. I used to view...

Michael Karp. Photo credit: Kasey Judge

The O-Face: Reaching the peak of pleasure

Michael Karp // March 2, 2014

Orgasms — once heralded as simply for procreation, these bodily phenomena are becoming a much greater priority in our sex lives than ever before. Sigmund Freud denounced the legitimacy of the clitoral...

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