Seniors bid farewell to the diamond

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Nick Baker

Photograph by Alex Boesch  

Jake Bailey

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Ryan McClellan

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Ryne Clark

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Ronnie Galosic

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Drew Freeman

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Ruben Padilla

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Kenny Corona

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Eric Angerer

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Jesse Silva

player_SilvaThis season Silva has pitched seven innings, allowing only six hits and two runs.

“I’m going to remember the group of guys I got to spend my last season with, all my teammates and friends I’ve met along the way.”

“I hold all these games close to my heart because it’s my last baseball season here. I’ll remember the entire season, not just one game.”

“I’m definitely going to miss the first meeting of practice. Where Coach T comes out and gives us our practice plan and meeting up with the guys to do our thing.”


Matt Hutchins

Hutchins transferred from Waldorf College in Forest City, Iowa to Chico State. Hutchings threw five complete games in 10 starts last season for Waldorf College. He allowed just 46 hits and struck out 70 in 61.1 innings pitched. This season for Chico State, Hutchins has thrown three innings, allowing four hits and zero runs.




Ryan O’Shea

O’Shea has not seen the field this season, but he appeared in 12 games last season, making three starts and pitching 28 innings. He has accumulated 115 strikeouts through during his time with the Wildcats and has recorded eight wins.
“Being able to compete and enjoy my final year of college baseball with a great group of guys.”
“Just not being able to play on the field, being coached by great coaches who really bring out the best in us.”



Written by Greg Silvia and Sergio Sanchez. Designed by Ernesto Rivera