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First week of school can’t be beat

Alyssa Dunning

I start my morning hitting the snooze button. I’m so excited to wake up early for the first time in three months that I want to do it as many times as possible.

I like to refer to all the new students as future friends because it’s harder to be upset at friends for doing annoying things. There are so many future friends this time of year. They walk across the bike path, side by side, and don’t know what to do when a bicyclist says, “On your left.” Silly future friends.

As I set off on the bike trail I am astonished by the amount of trash on the ground everywhere. I invent a new game: “What in the World Happened Last Night?” Then I play “Spot the Underwear.” I’m glad the students that went away for the summer were so adamant about decorating the bike path for this week. It makes it so special.

Syllabus after syllabus. This is how each class plays out. It’s so peaceful and calming to hear the same rules and instructions over and over in a single day. It’s much better than depending on us to just read it ourselves.

For the whole week there is this amazing adrenaline rush when driving because I never know if I will survive. The roads are so crowded and unpredictable. The brushes with death invigorate me to stay awake to complete my early homework assignments. Who needs coffee? This comes in handy when the lines for every coffee shop or store on campus are a million miles long. My future friends must really want to be alert for learning the syllabus too.

After each long and amazing day, I am so excited to get to bed. Most nights I have to get to sleep early for the next day of school, but my future friends still like to include me in their partying. They love to yell as they walk home from the bars and parties, just so I don’t miss out. What considerate future friends.

Chico, you really do make the first week of school the best week ever.

Tweet me your favorite parts of the first week, #BestWeekEverChico.

Alyssa Dunning can be reached at [email protected] or @Alyssadunning3 on Twitter.

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