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Deadline dread’s vicious circle

Alyssa Dunning // December 13, 2014
I'll work on my procrastination — tomorrow.

Bizarre beauty fads boggle my mind

Alyssa Dunning // December 6, 2014
Is no body part safe from scrutiny?
Alyssa Dunning

How a lone fart set me free.

Alyssa Dunning // December 4, 2014
Since that one moment of fateful flatulence, I no longer feel embarrassment.

Feminism ruins everything

Alyssa Dunning // November 30, 2014
It's hard to enjoy the simple things when everything reeks of inequality.
Alyssa Dunning

Higher education is above cliques

Alyssa Dunning // November 24, 2014
While the media pits college cliques against each other, it isn't really like that in real life.

Nostalgia is no longer just for the elderly

Alyssa Dunning // November 13, 2014
Reminiscing on better times is the latest tend. Everyone is doing it.

Family holidays aren’t worth fretting over

Alyssa Dunning // November 8, 2014
A Thanksgiving with college friends isn't traditional, but it keeps me sane.
Illustration by Zach Phillips

Pamphlet protesters pushy, don’t persuade

Alyssa Dunning // November 3, 2014
Harassing someone with fliers will never win hearts and minds.

Digital age reveals horrors of parenthood

Alyssa Dunning // October 30, 2014
As bloggers open up about parenting, my uterus shuts down.
Illustration by Zachary Phillips

How queer folk can best support allies

Alyssa Dunning // October 27, 2014
Last week's Tweet Talk showcased a common tension between LGBT+ people and their allies.

Students disagree over LGBT+ allyship

Alyssa Dunning // October 18, 2014
Opinion Columnist Alyssa Dunning expressed her frustration as an ally. She has noticed that some allies are treated harshly for speaking out of turn.

Americans shouldn’t fear identity labels

Alyssa Dunning // October 18, 2014
Pretending that differences don't exist doesn't fight prejudice.
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