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    Lady in hospital gown lost, intoxicated


    Chico Police:

    Friday, 6:20 p.m.: Dog peeing on reporting party’s lawn. “Neighbor is on reporting party’s lawn yelling at her. On going issue with this neighbor’s dog being on the reporting party’s lawn. The suspect keeps walking in front of the reporting party’s residence and lets her dog go to the bathroom on her lawn.”

    Friday, 8:26 p.m.: Lady in hospital gown needs to get home. “Lady in hospital gown at the reporting party’s back door and asked to call her an ambulance to 40 Francis Way which is not a good address. Female appears to be out of it. Unknown if she walked away from a medical facility but wearing a hospital gown. She is now sitting on the sidewalk on the Fifth Avenue side under a street lamp. Looked like she may have ripped out an IV out of her arm and is now saying she came from Enloe. Medics advised it is non-medical and that subject is intoxicated. Enloe advising that patient was discharged from them to the CSU this morning.”

    Friday, 11:14 p.m.: Ex-girlfriend throwing bark. “Ex-girlfriend is at the residence banging on his front door. Reporting party asked her to leave several times but she is refusing. Female is now throwing rocks at the reporting party’s window. Female now calling stating she needs to pick up her property. States she was throwing bark at his windows and wants to pick up her blow-up mattress and sheets.”

    Saturday, 8:43 a.m.: Cat wound. “Found cat scratched while playing with kitten. Picked up cat at city limit line. Took home and played with overnight. Brought to Chico Animal Shelter stating it scratched him during play. Wound to left middle finger scratch. Wound was self-cleaned. Kitten taken by Chico Animal Shelter and placed into 10-day quarantine.”

    Saturday, 11:48 a.m.: Ex-friend caught egging vehicle. “Ex-friend egging reporting party’s vehicle. Reporting party caught them in the act once and they ran off. Reporting party did not call it in at the time. The second time was last night and now the paint is being ruined on her vehicle.”

    Saturday, 6:14 p.m.: Transient jumps in front of cars. “Transient keeps jumping in front of vehicles on Esplanade Avenue. Subject has his thumb out like he wants a ride but has almost been hit multiple times by passing cars.”

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