The WREC: wonderful yet woeful

Illustration by Rachel Dugo
Illustration by Rachel Dugo

The Wildcat Recreation Center is like an annoying boyfriend – sometimes I love it, other times I hate it.

It’s definitely the nicest gym that I have ever been to. It is always clean, there are so many activities to choose from and the staff is always helpful when I have a question. While it may seem like a dream gym, my experience there has been ruined more than once.

There is nothing better than sweating all over a piece of equipment that probably costs more than my first car. The problem is the idea of everyone else also sweating all over that piece of equipment. The WREC has taught me how to turn a blind eye to those who don’t properly wipe down their machines.

I love the weight machines upstairs mainly because I am too scared to go down to the depths of the man area. Their oversexualized grunts echo through the upstairs as a war cry, deterring females from entering. When I dared to go down to the lower area during an emptier day, I was stared at for the entire time I was working out. It was so uncomfortable.

Being confined to the upstairs weight machines is fine, except for their apparent double use as texting chairs. While it can be irritating waiting for a machine, it does give me a chance to see people use machines so utterly incorrectly that I must excuse myself to go laugh in the restroom.

The best part of the WREC, by far, is the fact that nearly all the walls are windows. It keeps it bright in there, especially with all the lights on as well. My favorite part about the windows is when I work out on the weekends, I get to watch everyone on the streets walk by on their way to party at the Greek houses. During times where the streets are less busy, the windows give me a chance to gaze at the beauty of the parking garage.

Although my relationship with the WREC isn’t always easy, I know it’s the only gym for me.

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