Getting married in college has its perks

Illustration by Alyssa Dunning
Illustration by Alyssa Dunning

While most college students aren’t ready for matrimony, it doesn’t mean that it is a bad thing.

It seems like everyone has something to say about young marriages. I constantly see articles about things to do instead of getting married young or columns about how it is a recipe for disaster. These types of things drive me crazy because all relationships are different and people just like to judge.

One of the biggest issues that people have about marriage is this idea of being tied down. In one article I read, they listed 23 things to do instead of getting married at 23. I looked through the list that mentioned items like “get a passport” or “pick up a hobby like painting.”

The only two things on the list I couldn’t do as a married woman was sleep with a stranger and date two people at once: both of which I have never had any interest in.

In my relationship I can still do everything I could ever want. I always imagine myself teaching in another country after college. My husband wouldn’t keep me from doing that. If anything, he’d encourage me to take the risk. Being married gives us a sense of security so we are able to trust each other easier and support each other completely.

Many people were concerned with the fact that I got married before I graduated, but being married in college has literally been the best thing to happen to me ever. They acted as if I would not be able to complete college if I was married. In all honesty, I think college is easier now.

First off, I never have to deal with some of the roommate drama I hear about. There is no food stealing or passive-aggressive notes about the dishes. If one of us is unhappy about the dishes not being done or someone leaving towels on the floor, we are able to discuss it calmly.

After the discussion we both make efforts to appease the other’s request because we love and respect each other. The only fights we have about chores is laundry wars with rolled up socks as our ammo.

I also have a built in study buddy which is important when I try to juggle 21 units in a semester. We are able to have fun when we have hours of reading or writing to do.

If we’re stuck in the library we silently come up with creative ways to flip each other off in between assignments. Plus if one of us is slacking or having trouble getting motivated, we are able to encourage one another.

In a modern marriage I don’t have to give up my passions or my freedom. While marriage, especially in college, isn’t for everyone, it certainly works well for me.

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