The O-Face: Women offer pointers for sex and relationships

Illustration by Liz Coffee
Illustration by Liz Coffee
Chantal Richards
Chantal Richards

Men are always calling women complicated. Maybe I am biased in the matter, being a woman, but I don’t think women are complicated at all.

Women don’t think much differently than men. But we do express ourselves differently, which is where the confusion lies.

Men want to know one thing: what is on a woman’s mind when it comes to sex and relationships?

This week I asked a few women on campus to tell me what their most important tips are for men, to help the opposite sex understand them better.


Bedroom pointers

1. Just because a woman is great at sex doesn’t mean her lover should take her for granted. Bedroom skill doesn’t mean a woman is available every time men want a booty call.

2. Not all women want a romantic relationship. They’re capable of being emotionless and having a no-strings-attached relationship.

3. Sometimes women like to be in control in the bedroom.

4. If  a woman gives short answers, it doesn’t necessarily mean she is not interested. It might mean she has nothing to say or add to the conversation.

5. Women get horny as much as men. They just don’t want you to know it.


Relationship Advice

1. If you want alone time, let your partner know because they can’t read your mind. Women want communication from men.

2. Guy time is OK, but don’t make “couple time” guy time.

3. Don’t call women confusing when they don’t respond the way you want them to respond.

4. Women check out other men. It’s human nature.

5. Women tell men about their day because they want men to show they have an interest in their lives. Women love men who listen to them.

No matter what matters most to women,  they don’t have many different desires than the opposite sex. So take these tips in stride, and remember that communication is the best aphrodisiac.

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