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  • Meet The Orions fall 2024 editorial board. Collage created by Ariana Powell on May 8 using Pixlr.


    Meet The Orion’s fall 2024 editorial board!

  • President Perez shaking the hand of Taylor Bisby as she receives her Masters degree. Taken by Jessica Miller on May 15


    Chico State celebrates Graduate Studies Commencement

  • Live from the World Contamination Tour. Photo taken by Penny Howle and courtesy My Chemical Romance.

    Arts & Entertainment

    An alt-girl’s origin story: emo beginnings

  • Photo credit: Diego Ramirez


    Congrats to The Orion graduates!

  • Chico State, David Stachura. Photo credit Chico State


    A final wrap up of Stachura

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The Orion

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    Man chases two shoplifters out of shop with stick

    Illustration by Liz Coffee.

    Chico Police Department

    Wednesday, 9:48 a.m.: Civil dispute at West East Avenue. “Girlfriend took reporting party’s vehicle. Reporting party found out she has another boyfriend. Girlfriend and new boyfriend are refusing to give reporting party’s keys back. He is requesting grand theft auto report.”

    Wednesday, 1:46 p.m.: Drunk in public at Highland Circle. “Female in very tattered clothing and no shoes approached the residence, tried the door knob then crawled under a vehicle parked out front. Reporting party is standing by, the female is still under the white Toyota Sienna with a bike rack.”

    Wednesday, 2:22 p.m.: Annoying phone calls at Chico Senior High School on the Esplanade. “Reporting party’s daughter is receiving messages on her cell phone while at school. Unknown older male was playing the piano and singing a song with the juveniles name in it, singing that someone bad was going to happen to juvenile’s mother. Juvenile was very freightened and called her mom. Mom will come to speak to the officer. After listening to the voicemail, it was a song written by Eminem called ‘Mockingbird.’ It was very difficult to understand, the guy was talking nearly unintelligible. There was no threat mentioned, but did interchange one of the one of the words in the song with the daughters name ‘Reyna.'”

    Thursday, 6:53 a.m.: Suspicious subject at Round Table Pizza on Pillsbury Road. “Two suspicious in front of the church. One had been on hands and knees possibly trying to start a fire or digging. Now subjects walking in the area of Round Table Pizza. Reporting party concerned because her child usually waits for the bus in front of the apartment complex.”

    Thursday, 3:17 p.m.: Shoplifting at House of Rice on Broadway Street. “Two young male teenagers running from male who owns the store next to Raw Bar. Male with stick chasing the subjects. One is wearing a red shirt, the other in a white shirt, both are on foot. They fled with a money pouch or something similar.”

    Friday, 5:30 p.m.: Civil dispute on West 22nd Street. “Reporting party’s ex-girlfriend will not allow reporting party to get his clothes. Ex told reporting party he has to pay rent before he can have his clothes. Reporting party moved out Tuesday night. Reporting party will be waiting down the street until police arrive.”

    Friday, 8:39 p.m.: Disturbance at Celestinos on East Avenue. “Ongoing harassment from the same subject for the last few nights. Subject had urinated on the building and threatened employees. Subject is currently sitting outside the building telling customers to go eat somewhere else. Reporting party advised while leaving work the subject came up and wanted to apologize but appeared very agitated.”

    Friday, 3:02 a.m.: Suspicious subject at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. on East 20th Street. “Two subjects hopped the fence and tried to steal a keg. Subjects were on the Franklin Street side. Two males, one in a red and blue sweated and the other in a gray hoodie.”

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