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    The O-Face: Surviving virginity

    Chantal Richards
    Chantal Richards

    Sex is everywhere.

    From the books we read to the shows we watch, to stumbling blindly into a room where a roommate is intertwined with another person.

    In college, being a virgin becomes a game of cat and mouse of not giving into the pressure that is all around you.

    Being a virgin should not be met with shame or be an embarrassing fact about yourself. But in college society, the virgin to non-virgin ratio shrinks rapidly every day.

    Yet there are college virgins who still want to wait for a variety of reasons.

    Contrary to belief, religion is not the top choice of students holding onto their virginity with both hands. It is wanting the right person to lose it to. Both sexes I asked were adamant about this.

    The thought of having a one-night stand makes them pull a sour face.

    College virgins can be characterized into those who are waiting for marriage or the right person and those who are asking themselves why they haven’t lost it yet.

    In college society, going home with someone you find attractive is assumed that you will be having sex with him or her. But people can still go home with people they find attractive and not have sex with them.

    Virgins also are blunt when it comes to boundaries. They have a line as to how far they will allow a partner to go.

    Just because someone is a virgin doesn’t mean he or she is not experienced. They have experiences, just without the final act. They masturbate, they participate in foreplay and they do other things to get off.

    Most virgins say that at college level, when they hear their peers talking about sex and how awesome it was, it makes them want to participate and is why people end up losing their virginity. They want to fit in and find out what this great thing is they are missing out on.

    Also, virgins don’t have to worry about STD’s, getting pregnant and keeping track of multiple partners.

    Most people who participate in sex wish they still had or wished they had waited for the right person to come along.

    Chantal Richards can be reached at [email protected].

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