Makeup lover and feminist

Illustration by Miles Huffman

Does wearing makeup contradict feminism?

Buzzfeed tackled this question in one of their latest videos by showing two sisters arguing while the other does her makeup.

Essentially, the anti-makeup sister argues that one can’t love makeup and be a feminist because wearing it conforms to the patriarchal notion that women need makeup to be beautiful.

Yeah, sorry honey, but I disagree with you.

Like the pro-makeup sister, I too wear makeup because I enjoy wearing it.

Shocking, I know.

That, and there’s nothing more exciting than getting a new lipstick in the mail.

To me, makeup is a form of self expression and transformation; it represents my mood and attitude for the day.

Am I feeling particularly sassy? Time to break out the red lipstick.

Playful? Two-toned eyeliner that makes a statement behind my glasses.

I don’t wear makeup because “the man” tells me to.

I am perfectly happy with my makeup free face and am totally fine with walking out the door without even a swipe of mascara on.

I don’t wear makeup for anyone but me, so my smokey eyeshadow has zero effect on my free thinking mind and equality seeking thoughts.

So ladies, how about we stop attacking each other for being “un-feminist” when one of us has the audacity to wear some foundation?

Isn’t it contradictory to shame makeup lovers when feminism is supposed to be about supporting each other?

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