Don’t diet for image


Illustration by Miles Huffman

It seems everyone either wants to be or is on some kind of diet, whether it be Atkins, South Beach or some self-created set of restrictions.

All these have one thing in common: they promise results and happiness to those unsatisfied with their appearance and body.

Having those stark, unnatural changes to the way someone eats is not healthy or sustainable.

The very idea of crash diets is terrible.

No one should go on a diet just for body image. Yes, there is an inescapable connection between food and the body, but image and body shape should not be the main motivation for changing the way you eat.

Ideal shapes and sizes for men and women are created in the media.They display unnaturally flawless hair, makeup and skin as well as bodies that appear “perfect”.

This means what’s “ideal” is constantly changing. No one should try to fit themselves to the current ideals of beauty.

Just because a comfortable size and shape is right for one person does not mean it is necessarily comfortable or natural for another.

If someone chooses to go on a diet, it should be about being healthier, more comfortable and happier, not just about body image.

Think of diet as a way of life, not a short term change for altering body shape.

Allison Galbreath can be reached at [email protected] or @agalbreath19 on twitter.