Wildcat golfer a rising star for women’s team

Sophomore golfer Abbey McGrew drives the ball in a tournament at Walnut Creek Country Club in Mansfield, Texas last May. Photo courtesy of Abbie McGrew.

In high school, Abbey McGrew found success on the golf course as a member of the men’s golf team.

McGrew has been playing for 15 years now and shows no sign of hanging up the clubs.

Golf has been a part of McGrew’s life since she was very young, she said.

Her first experience with golf was when her dad took her to the driving range with her sister.

“It just clicked with me, and I have always liked it,” McGrew said.

While playing on Woodland Christian High School men’s team, McGrew earned multiple awards. In her sophomore and senior years, she was named league MVP. She also received First-Team All League in her freshman and junior years.

Coming to Chico State, McGrew’s recruiter was Kathy Dais, the former head coach of the women’s golf team. Dais went to watch her play at one of her high school tournaments and was impressed, McGrew said.

“She brought me on, and it was cool because I was glad I could still be close to home,” McGrew said.

Chico State’s current head coach for the women’s golf team, Nick Green, recognizes her talent as well, he said.

“Abbey — to a tee — has done everything I have asked and is very coachable,” Green said.

McGrew does not hit the ball as far as the other players, but that is not something that bothers her, Green said.

“Abbey is very comfortable with her own game,” he said. “She sticks to what her game plan was and relies heavily on her short game.”

McGrew is in her second year with the team and has improved tremendously, Green said.

“This year, her consistency is astounding so far,” he said. “She only has one round in the 80s.”

McGrew has put up impressive results in the past two tournaments, posting scores under 80 and finishing in the top 20.

McGrew attributes her success to her practices with her coach.

“I’ve worked a lot with Nick on my swing to get more ball flight and worked a lot on my short game,” McGrew said, “which helps because I don’t hit it as far and getting it up and down is important.”

Green said he sees McGrew becoming one of the better players in the region or even the country.

“Abbey in one word,” he said — “dynamic.”

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