Cammies wraps up with awards finale

Sisterhoods, the readers’ choice Cammies winner for best indie/experimental, performs at The Maltese Bar and Taproom. Photo credit: Trevor Ryan

Let’s face it, music is a big deal in Chico. The town has captured the love of music like no other.

The music scene is so outrageous and infectious that we have our very own music festival to celebrate all Chico has to offer in every music genre.

Following a weekend filled with a collection of live music from genres such as country, jazz and punk, the 10th annual Cammies came to a grand close on Saturday.

The Cammies tied everything together with an all-day extravaganza and awards show that went down at the Chico’s Women’s Club. A dozen bands performed at the event on the decked-out indoor and outdoor stages to a full crowd.

When one band played, the area surrounding the stage was packed with music lovers either dancing on the floor or just admiring from afar. There wasn’t an age limit to the crowd. Both young and old shared their support.

As soon as the music was done, the crowd all moved to the other stage where another band would start to play. This musical chairs game continued throughout the day, leading to the closing number around 7 p.m. that night. The set of bands that performed included: The Blue Merles, Solar Estates, Severance Package, as well as Jesi Naomi. In between the sets, the winners of the Cammies were announced.

No matter what kind of music tickles someone’s heart, the Cammies awards show had it. Besides the music, the event provided the crowd with food and beverages, with money going to a good cause. Food was provided in the parking lot by the food trucks Black Kettle and Taste of Hmong.

The winners of the 2015 Chico Area Music Awards are:

Readers’ Choice Winners

-Best Singer-songwriter : Kyle Williams

-Best Folk/Americana/Country Act: Bunnymilk

-Best Jazz Act: Bogg

-Best Blues Act: Sapphire Soul

-Best Jam/R&B/Funk Act: Sofa King

-Best World Act: Wolf Thump

-Best Rap Act: HowFlyy

-Best Rock Act: The LoLos

-Best Hard Rock/Metal Act: Cold Blue Mountain

-Best Indie/Experimental Act: Sisterhoods

-Best Electronic Producer: ALO

-Best Electronic DJ: DJ Becca

-Best Punk/Ska Act: Big Tree Fall Down

Critics’ Choice Awards

Best Male Vocalist: Himp C

Best Female Vocalists: Lisa Marie and Kelly Brown (Bunnymilk)

Best Guitarist: Scott Pressman (Michelin Embers, The Vesuvians)

Best Drummer: Mike Wofchuck (Wolf Thump, MaMuse)

Best Songwriter: Ava Grave (aka Sean Galloway)

Best Local CD: Drought, by West by Swan

Local Badass (tie): Sesar Sanchez, Julian Ruck

Best New Band: The She Things

Best Horn Player: Ben Sallmann (Swamp Zen, Los Papi Chulos, Big Mo, Bahapki)

Best Local Act: Cold Blue Mountain

Hogan/West/Lapado Lifetime Achievement Award: Jerry Morano

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