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Horoscope for August 31- September 6

Aries– Put down the beer and pick up your backpack, it’s going to be a busy week for you. With the start of the school year in full swing, it is important to stay on top of your work. This week, you’ll be faced with the challenges of balancing your social and academic life, and adding all your new classes to the mix won’t make it any easier. Try going to the library or getting a tutor to make sure you stay on track. As for the stress, just take a deep breath and remember that Wikipedia has all the answers.

Taurus– Someone drank one too many Red Bulls this week, and the little Energizer Bunny inside you has come out. You are full of energy and eager to take on the world— nothing can stop you. This is a perfect time to meet new people, apply for a job, throw a party or finally talk to your crush. Who cares if you have been shamelessly Twitter-stalking them for the past month? It’s OK, we’ve all been there. Be cautious with all the new responsibilities you decide to take on. Even though you may be channeling your inner Beyonce and feel like you run the world, pace yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Gemini– Something isn’t going right in your daily routine. You may feel like your life is an awkward ABC Family movie, and you can’t seem to get anything right. But don’t worry, take a deep breath and know that a cheesy, yet heartwarming, ending is in the near future. As for now, make like a Tinder user and lower your expectations. Don’t sweat the small stuff and let go of the idea that things are going to work out exactly as you plan. A little surprise and adventure will be good for you.

Cancer– You may feel like the next Kobe Bryant and are full of excessive confidence. You’re ready to go free agent and sign to the NBA, but something besides the obvious height requirement is holding you back. You are ready to soar, but something beyond your control is keeping you grounded. Take a look at your life and get rid of all unnecessary weights that hold you back from your dreams.

Leo– You’re one of the few college kids who is at a financially stable place in life, so go ahead and splurge a little bit, buy name brand foods and add extra guacamole at Chipotle. Be cautious of your spending, however. It’s all fun and games until you’re drunk-buying mini bongos on Amazon. At that point, put the credit card down and walk away. Trust me, you don’t want that angry phone call from your parents.

Virgo– Putting others before yourself is a common theme in your life. Your constant care for others is shown through the positive impacts you make on people’s lives. Don’t let this love you share wear you down. Remember to give yourself a break and focus on your needs.

Libra– The new school year is the perfect time to go out and meet new people. Take all that knowledge you got from Facebook-stalking people and put it to the test. Join clubs and sign up for sports you don’t really know how to play. It will be a fun experience for everyone. Since you’re on your way to being the next social butterfly, keep track of everything you have to do and don’t let it overwhelm you.

Scorpio– If college had a prom king/queen, it’d be you. You are at the top of your social ladder and it only seems to be getting taller. Someone call a fireman, because you, my friend, are on fire. All corny jokes aside, your social life has seen quite an increase in the past week, and all this excitement could take a toll on your body. Remember to fit those much-needed naps into your schedule.

Sagittarius– Much like a birthday balloon before the helium gets sucked out (it’s OK, we all do it), you cannot seem to stay grounded. Your curious mind and desire for adventure have you up in the clouds. Now is the perfect time to plan a fun trip with friends, or make a fun change to your daily routine.

Capricorn– Lately you’ve found it more comforting to stay at home rather than be with people. Friends have reached out to you, but something about your room seems more appealing. While it is great to spend time alone and reflect on yourself, don’t forget there is a world of excitement around you. So go ahead and binge watch on Netflix now, but try to spend fun nights with friends in the near future.

Aquarius– It is only the beginning of school, yet somehow you’re already overwhelmed. That’s OK, because so are other students. Now is the perfect time to get a study partner or tutor. Don’t be afraid to ask for help— you’ll be thankful you did in the long run.

Pisces– You must have found a penny with the head side up, because this week is going to be a lucky week for you. Whether it be grades, friends, sports or romantic interests, things will go your way. Try spreading that luck to those close to you, it’s more fun when everyone gets to bask in the glory. Do be cautious, though. Don’t let your ego get the better of you.

Megan Moran can be reached at [email protected] or @_babymegs on Twitter.

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