Boulton blocks shots for the ‘Cats

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First-year student Mackenzie Boulton cradles the ball and scopes out her next move. Photo credit: Ryan Pressey

Coming back from redshirting is tough, constantly working to reach everyone else’s level. Mackenzie Boulton, sophomore transfer student, has taken over for as goalkeeper in the 2015 season.

Boulton transferred from the University of San Diego after she redshirted during her first season. She was one of multiple goalkeepers on the team in constant competition with each other.

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First-year student Mackenzie Boulton shouts out instructions to her teammates on the field. Photo credit: Ryan Pressey

How do you feel about your position right now and where you stand?

Boulton: Because I redshirted last year, it is kind of hard to not be enthusiastic, but it’s just hard because you’re not playing, especially as a keeper. But coming in here, and the back line, I love working with them and they’re great defenders. They’re really helpful.

What do you like about your position?

Boulton: Making a really big save is the best feeling. Obviously, if you don’t make the save it’s a little disappointing. You just have to be on your toes and mentally try to stay focused because you can get distracted if it’s not a very competitive game.

What kind of pressure comes with your position?

Boulton: I mean, there is a lot of pressure, but during the games it’s more of I’m just in the zone of playing. So it’s not as much. But before a game, there is definitely that mindset of ‘OK I need to make sure I work on the things I’m struggling with.’

Is there a game you’re excited to play?

Boulton: I’m going to say the Sonoma State game because I know a couple of girls there, but one them I’ve played since I was little. She just transferred there too, so it’s her first year and that’ll be exciting. She’s a forward, so that should be a fun game.

Is there a school in particular that you think there is a rivalry between?

Boulton: I think Cal State Stanislaus. I’ve just heard that’s our rival team, so that will probably be an intense game.

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