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  • The Sigma Pi fraternity house on a quiet Monday morning in Chico on Feb. 26. Photo taken by Molly Myers.


    Fraternity Sigma Pi hit with hazing investigation

  • Entrance to the Wildcat Recreation Center and patio. Taken by Lukas Mann on Feb. 23.


    Connect your mind and body at the WREC

  • A motorcycle hit a pedestrian the above intersection. Taken by C. Nicholas Kepler on Feb. 25.


    Person taken to hospital after accident on Ivy Street

  • Nate Farrington, new director of Adventure Outings, holding up some climbing rope that needs to be organized. Taken by Maki Chapman on February 8th, 2024


    Nate Farrington takes the lead as Adventure Outings’ director

  • Courtesy Associated Students


    AS general election application open for students

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The Orion

Chico State's independent student newspaper

The Orion

Horoscope for Sept. 20-27

Illustration by Miles Huffman. Photo credit: Miles Huffman

Aries– Lately you’ve been walking around with a chip on your shoulder. Something beyond your control has been bringing you down but it’s time to turn that frown upside-down. You have too many positive things going for you in life to let small things stand in your way. If Miley Cyrus can ignore all the negative aspects of her life, you can too.

Taurus– You have been on a roll ever since you woke up Sunday morning hangover-free. Things are going your way and this is definitely your week. Keep this positive energy going— try challenging youself whether it be in school, sports or your love life. The odds will be in your favor.

Gemini– Lately you’ve been faced with some pretty big decisions and those around you are eager to sway your mind. Though it may be stressful now, go with your instinct and know that everything will be OK in the end. If you feel too overwhelmed, make a phone call home and trust that your mom has all the answers.

Cancer– This change in weather will be a good thing for you. Lately your life has been mundane and a change of pace will add excitement to your routine. Now is a great time to try something you’ve always been thinking about, whether it be trying a new sport or pursuing your secret love for knitting.

Leo– People come to you for answers to their problems— you’re the Oprah Winfrey of your friend group, and that’s great. You’re trustworthy, loyal and dependable. When helping your friends with their problems, don’t forget that you can ask for help too. It’s always nice to get things off your chest.

Virgo- Try setting your alarm clock earlier than usual to watch the sunrise at least once this week. You’ve been so focused on school and work that you’ve missed out on a lot of things the world has to offer. If it’s impossible for you to wake up early, then watch a sunset or go for a nice hike.

Libra– You are unique and quirky in a fun way. People admire your originality and carefree attitude. Whether you know it or not, people look up to you. Remember to keep a strong head on your shoulders, and go in the direction you choose.

Scorpio– Your social calendar is through the roof. Between parties, dates and events with friends, you don’t know where to start. However, all this activity can take a toll on your body. Remember to plan time for yourself in the midst of all this excitement.

Sagittarius– With cuddle season right around the corner, it’s only natural to start thinking of that potential someone. If your friends are forming relationships quicker than you, take a breath and don’t let it stress you out. Keep up your confident personality and someone will come along.

Capricorn– If you haven’t gone yet, now is the perfect time to go to the library. You may have noticed a small drop in your grades, but don’t stress. A few hours this week spent hitting the books will fix that problem. Try making a group event out of it or finding a study partner.

Aquarius– Going out to eat is always fun, but if your bank statement only consists of In N’ Out purchases, it is time to change your ways. Not only will your wallet thank you, your body will as well. Now is a great time to try fun, new recipes at home.

Pisces– Fun, new encounters are in store for you this week. Conversations have the potential to lead to so much more. Also, the small things you usually don’t notice have the power to change your life this week. So be ready, fun things are in store for you.

Megan Moran can be reached at [email protected] or @_babymegs on Twitter.

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