Son destroys property after being asked to move out

Photo credit: Miles Huffman

Chico Police Department

Call type: Suspicious subject, Friday 8:08 a.m., E. 20th Street
Transient female was sitting next to reporting party’s daughter’s car. Reporting party asked her to leave and the subject spat on her car. Subject left through alley toward C Street.

Call type: Suspicious subject, Friday 10:50 a.m., W 8th Street
Male with hoodie and covering his face had a lot of bike parts around him but with no bike.

Call type: Assault/Battery, Friday 11:25 a.m., Arcadian Avenue
Reporting party’s fiancé’s son is damaging property. Subject is 18 and mad about being asked to move out. Subject pushed and hit reporting party, so reporting party held him down to the floor. Subject left in car to an unknown destination but later returned and got into a verbal argument with neighbor.

Call type: Suspicious subject, Friday 9:09 p.m., Cohasset Road
Behind the sports club by the old Butte College Center, two males were seen with four or five bikes taking them apart.

University Police Department

Call type: Suspicious subject, Friday 12:016 a.m., Legion Ave
Male subject wearing black jacket hoodie took two tires from bikes then left on his bike. Last seen heading toward the Student Health Center parking lot.

Call type: Transient call, Friday 2:02 p.m., W 1st Street
Transient camp appears to have a power cord running down into the amphitheater. Belongings everywhere but no one around.

Call type: Drunk in public, Friday 9:22 p.m., W 1st street
White adult male with white shirt and blue jeans accompanied by female, fell on the side walk. Got up and tried to walk away.