Woman has dumbbell thrown at her by husband’s female house guest

Illustration by Miles Huffman Photo credit: Miles Huffman

Chico Police Department

Call Type: Aggressive Animal 6:22 a.m., Orange Street

A dog ran into a warehouse and was barking and growling at employees throughout the facility. Doors of the warehouse were opened but dog refused to leave. The black, long-haired chihuahua was finally removed from the business.

Call Type: Assault and Battery 11:09 a.m., East 20th Street

A woman called police to say she was assaulted by a homeless woman outside of WinCo Foods. The woman who attacked allegedly smelled like she had been drinking alcohol prior to the assault. Woman who called said she did not know the name of the person or where she ended up.

Call Type: Family Dispute 3:08 p.m., Humboldt Road

A man reported his daughter-in-law was in his vehicle screaming, yelling and tossing his belongings out of the car. Person who called Chico Police Department was afraid things were going to become physical.

Call Type: Reckless Vehicle 3:26 p.m., Dr. Martin Luther King Parkway

Older woman driving through the Costco parking lot almost hit children. When police arrived and the woman driving was questioned, the driver stated, “Well, I didn’t kill them did I?” Mother who called concerned about the carelessness of almost hitting pedestrians.

Call Type: Assault and Battery 8:35 p.m. Aspen Street

A woman called to report she was assaulted by another woman and that she was coming back toward her. When police arrived, the two were arguing. Nothing happened after police arrived and the situation was taken care of.

Call Type: Domestic Violence (Felony) 4:28 a.m. Humboldt Avenue

After coming back from housesitting, a woman arrived at her home to see her husband with another woman. The husband and wife are going through a divorce but the husband refuses to leave the home they are both living in. The woman who called was punched twice in the face and had a dumbbell thrown at her by the other woman at the residence.

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