Man exposes himself, yells at drivers and runs into traffic

Illustration by Miles Huffman Photo credit: Miles Huffman

Chico Police Department

Call Type: Suspicious Subject 6:55 a.m., Robailey Drive

A female ran up to a school bus yelling that someone was chasing her. After the bus left, the woman was seen hiding in a bush. The cousin of the woman was called because she got a message from a passerby saying she saw the woman yelling at a bus.

Call Type: Refusing to Leave 8:06 a.m., Park Avenue

A young Asian male was hanging out on the side of a building and refusing to leave the area. The individual who called the police said the man was drinking alcohol and that there were many school children passing by on their way to class. The man ran away when he saw police arriving.

Call Type: Domestic Dispute 2:39 p.m., One Mile

A man and a woman were in a physical dispute at One Mile Park. The woman was being punched by the man near the swings when they were stopped by a person in the park. Both left separately in different directions.

Call Type: Subject 6:12 p.m., West 16th Street

A man was sitting on the corner of West 16th Street. The man was exposing himself and yelling at drivers that he is going to killed them. He would also run into traffic every so often.

Call Type: DUI Crash 7:36 p.m. West East Avenue

A man drove over the curb into a vacant lot with a beer in his hand. The reporting party said the man was passed out in his car with the engine still running. When police arrived, the man was uncooperative.

Call Type: Refusing to Leave 4:19 a.m. Main Street

A customer in a convenient store was refusing to leave and was hitting and attempting to damage the ATM machine. The reporting party said the individual who was being reported tried to take the phone from them.

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