Horoscope for Nov. 8-15

Megan Moran

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Illustration by Miles Huffman Photo credit: Miles Huffman

Aries- The time for movie marathons and hot chocolate is upon us. You don’t regret being lazy and laying in bed until noon— What a beautiful time of the year. This week will be low key, so don’t expect any surprises thrown your way. For now, go out and get yourself a fuzzy blanket and lay low.

Taurus- This week good luck is bound to follow you wherever you go. Take chances as they will work out in your favor. Go after things you want, you are most likely going to get them.

Gemini- You’ll be faced with some tough decisions this week whether it is deciding what test to study for or what flavor of ice cream to buy. You will be conflicted. Trust your judgement and know that you will make the right choice.

Cancer- Pull out your planner, this week the work is going to pile up. Take each assignment one at a time to avoid being stressed out. Study with friends and go to professors’ office hours. As tempting as it may be, skipping class this week will not be good for you.

Leo- Something this week is going to attract all of your attention. It may be a certain purchase or a certain person. Either way, it is all you are going to be thinking about. Much like a teen girl in an ’80s romantic comedy, your head will be up in the clouds.

Virgo- Much like a bored housewife in a Homegoods store, you feel inclined to make purchases you don’t need. It will soon make a dent in your bank account. Before you get the angry phone call from your parents, prioritize what you need and what you don’t need.

Libra- Lately you’ve been in a rut, and it may be bringing your mood down. This change of weather may not be helping either. Change up your daily routine and check out some new study spots.

Scorpio- Just because Halloween is over, that doesn’t mean you should give up going to the gym. It may be tempting because sweater weather is upon us, but don’t give in. Staying active will keep you in a great mood and improve your day.

Sagittarius- There is a glow around you that will be attracting several people this week. Be open to everyone you meet, as something is bound to blossom. Keep up your appearance and let your sense of humor thrive.

Capricorn- Much like Buddy The Elf you are full of holiday spirit. This week you will have a warmer outlook on life. Everyone will be your best friend and you’ll find yourself humming as you walk to class.

Aquarius- Group activities will fit well into your schedule this week. Being with others will influence your choices and help out with any issues you may be dealing with. Surrounding yourself with friends will also lighten your mood.

Pisces- Excitement will follow you throughout the week. Each day will bring forth a new adventure. You may have a hard time trying to balance your school and social life and even though it’s the less attractive option, school comes first.

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