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Sportsmanship: It’s for everyone

Good sportsmanship is an integral part of every sport we play today. Unfortunately, not everyone has it.

Athletes across the country struggle at times to show good sportsmanship. Even professionals wear their emotions on their sleeves a bit too much in some cases.

Take Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig for instance. Just this past week, he celebrated a home run before it happened in Game three of the National League Championship series.

So what? The guy had a premature celebration, what’s the big deal? To the casual fan, nothing. But to students of the game, a whole lot.

First of all, the kid has no standing in the league yet. It is completely disrespectful for a rookie to show up the opposing team with such antics. After the game, veteran St. Louis Cardinal outfielder Carlos Beltran said that Puig didn’t know how to act.

Beltran is absolutely right.

Puig, you are a rookie. There is no precedent for a first-year player to show-boat on the field and make a mockery of the opponent. Poor sportsmanship lands you a bad reputation around the league and some unimpressed pitchers waiting to knock you down a peg or two.

As far as I have seen, Chico State athletes portray good sportsmanship. From all of the games I have been to, I haven’t come across any obscenity-flinging lacrosse player or show-boating hoops star.

I have seen the heat of the game take over at times; I’ve seen games get physical. But that’s not poor sportsmanship; thats playing hard, like the games are supposed to be played.

So, my fellow Wildcats, good job. Keep doing what you are doing. It not only gives you a reputation as respectful players on the field, but it puts Chico State in a good light. Because it shows that here Chico State teaches morals and sportsmanship to their athletes.

Just be aware of what people like Puig are doing. Stay away from that. You don’t want to be that burned-out athlete that still talks and show-boats, but lacks the skill to back any of it up.

Let your play do all the talking for you. No need to add any comment on top of that soaring bomb or two-hand jam. Just be a good sport.

Nicholas Woodard can be reached at [email protected] or @theorion_sports on Twitter.

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