Five place in Chico to watch Super Bowl 50

Five place in Chico to watch Super Bowl 50

With one of Chico State’s favorite sports bars, The Graduate, closing its doors due to financial reasons, college students are looking for new places to enjoy the Superbowl.

While no bar can exactly capture the atmosphere of The Graduate, there are plenty that can provide beer, food and an adequate amount of televisions to provide a perfect game day.

Here are five of the top bars in Chico to watch the Superbowl:

Joe’s Bar

While it’s small in size, it’s still a good bar to avoid large crowds but still have a friendly atmosphere.

Joe’s offers seven beers on draft, and offers $5 Tito’s & Captain Morgan cocktails and $3.25 draft beers and domestic bottles for the Superbowl. Although its beer selection is quaint, Joe’s has great deals on beer and liquor.

The bar has five televisions to offer, but a good amount of open space to allow people to see them from any point. The food selection is low, with only ten items and over half of it being burgers. While Joe’s lacks variety, it’s still a good stop for people who just want to enjoy the game with a Sierra Nevada and a burger.


Food – 3/5, TV – 3/5, Beer – 3/5, Atmosphere – 4/5, Seating – 2/5

21 and over

Madison Bear Garden

The Bear offers great food, a wide selection of beer, a good amount of televisions, but fills quickly.

While The Bear has a great selection of food and beer, it has limited seating, so getting there early is a must if you prefer not to stand. With salads, hot dogs, burgers and pub food, there’s enough variety to supply you through all four quarters. They have Sierra Nevada as well as Sierra Nevada Seasonal on draft for a good match with the food.

The Bear’s dual bar system provides the perfect access to beer during the game, with the next drink only a few steps away. Prices are reasonable, especially for the quality of the food, averaging about $8 per plate. It is located right by campus, making it a convenient place to watch the game.


Food – 4/5, TV – 2/5, Beer – 4/5, Atmosphere – 5/5, Seating – 3/5

21 and over after 9 p.m.


As the the No. 1 Jack Daniel’s drinking bar in Northern California, and a wide selection of Sierra Nevada on tap, Riley’s is definitely a place to check out when scouting out for the Superbowl.

While Riley’s has a great selection of beer and liquor, its food is typical of a pub, with appetizers, snacks and burgers making up their menu. The average price for food is about $8-10, while their beer runs an average of $5.

Riley’s has over 20 televisions to watch the game on, and is ranked as the No. 5 bar in Chico by

With a variety of beer and liquor, and surrounding televisions to immerse you in the game, Riley’s is a great place to spend the Superbowl.


Food – 4/5, TV – 4/5, Beer – 3/5, Atmosphere – 4/5, Seating – 4/5

21 and over

The Oasis

The Oasis has a total of 15, 50-inch plasma screen televisions to capture every big play of the game.

The Oasis doesn’t provide the competitive atmosphere of some bars. It’s more relaxed in atmosphere, being a mix of students and locals.

While the bar offers average pub food, the best entree is the burger they serve. During the halftime or commercials, The Oasis offers pingpong and pool, giving people a way to enjoy the wait before the next quarter.

If you’re looking for a nice way to enjoy the Superbowl and a relaxed environment that won’t get too crazy, The Oasis is a great spot with a wide variety of beer and cocktails to last the game.


Food – 3/5, TV – 5/5, Beer – 4/5, Atmosphere – 2/5, Seating – 3/5

21 and over

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings is the ideal place to go with friends and family to watch the game. Although the layout of the restaurant can seem small, every seating arrangement offers a view of at least three out of the 60 plus televisions they have.

The menu offers more than just wings, with burgers, sandwiches and salads, as well as desserts. While they have variety, the best thing to get is the wings with one of the 16 flavors they provide.

With 36 beers on tap, and another 15 in bottle, Buffalo Wild Wings has enough beer to supply you through every quarter. The wings can run a little on the expensive side, with a large portion costing over $20, but the beers are reasonably priced at $5-7 per pint.

“B-dubs” also provides tablets to play games on during the breaks, and the competitive spirit of the game is matched by the crowd, making it a fun place to trash talk the other team.

Food – 3/5, TV – 5/5, Beer – 5/5, Atmosphere 4/5, Seating – 4/5

Open to any age.