Slow and steady super senior route


Photo credit: Madison Holmes

Freshman, sophomore, junior, senior: that’s how college is ideally supposed to go. Four years. In four years students are expected to go from freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, to graduated alumni. Well that’s not always the case. My path will read freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, super senior, and I have no shame.

So you might be thinking that I transferred and that’s why I’m on a longer plan. Wrong. I was accepted into Chico State as a freshman and have remained an active student every year.

Or some may just think that I have been lazy, taking and passing the bare minimum of classes, choosing to party and milk my college career. Wrong again. I have been a full-time student, declared a double-major and minor, part-time employee and intern throughout my years here.

The truth is that I am not in a rush to graduate. I’m not in a rush to live on my own and support myself with my entry-level job salary. I’m not in a rush to wake up at 8 a.m. every morning and get home by hopefully 5 p.m. every evening. I’m not in a rush to say goodbye to my social life, friends or free time. Is it so wrong that I’m not in a rush to grow up?

They say that your time in college are the best years of your life. I truly believe that and have not taken it for granted. Chico State has given me my best friends, the tools I need to succeed, a degree and the personal fulfillment of independence and experiences. However, I think college is a crucial time when you truly find yourself and determine your true ambitions and life goals.

Photo credit: Madison Holmes

Not only am I not ready yet for the responsibility of graduating and living as a self-sufficient adult, but more importantly I’m not ready because I don’t know what happens next. In order to take the next step, I need to develop my plan. The plan is essential to all graduating seniors. The plan should make you happy. The plan consists of where you will live next, the career you are going to apply for and pursue, and how you plan to budget for necessary life expenses.

At 22 years old, I am not convinced that I am ready to dive into that next stage of my life. While yes I am on track with academics and have managed to balance having a great college experience, I am still growing as a person and maturing. In the extra college semester I am enrolling in, I hope to fulfill personal classes to further me in life rather than in units.

Hey seniors, did you know that graduation is in just 12 short weeks? Hopefully you’re feeling giddy toward graduation. Maybe you’ve been on the four-year or five-year or even six-year plan and you feel more prepared than ever for the real world. If you are, awesome, you did it and Chico State is rooting for your success!

But maybe you’re like me. Maybe you’re hesitant to take that next step. Now’s the time to ask yourself, am I truly ready? Because if you’re not, don’t be ashamed, be thankful you were honest with yourself. Talk to your parents and meet with your adviser. Find out what you need to get to that next step.

Make yourself academic, career and personal goals. Find your plan and pursue it. When you’re truly ready, you’ll know.

Good luck Wildcats, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Julie Ramos can be reached at [email protected] or @julie_ramoss on Twitter.