Lesovsky provides consistency behind the plate


Senior catcher Brynn Lesovsky launches the ball off her bat during a game. Photo credit: Lindsay Pincus

The Chico State softball team hit the ground running this season, with a conference record of 17-9 and an overall record of 20-10. Although all eyes may be on the pitching, we also need to acknowledge the force behind the plate.

Say hello to Brynn Lesovsky

Senior catcher Brynn Lesovsky has been behind the plate since 2013, where she caught every inning of every Wildcat game as a true first-year. Since then, Lesovsky has set new single-season career-highs in six different offensive categories in 2015 and is currently leading the team in home runs.

“She’s done a great job so far. Her hitting has helped us a lot. She has been really focused on and behind the plate,” said fellow teammate and senior first baseman Desiree’ Gonzalez.

Lesovsky’s 2016 Performance

Thus far in her 2016 season, Lesovsky has maintained a batting average of .300, and has racked up three home runs and 18 RBIs. On the field, Lesovsky has a .984 fielding percentage and currently has 22 assists and completed 157 putouts.

“She has grown a lot. Our freshman year she was the only catcher at the time … now with new people coming in to catch, you realize it’s a lot to catch all the games all the time,” Gonzalez said.

“I really like this group of girls; there are so many new faces. They are so eager to learn from us and as upperclassmen we are so willing to teach them,” Lesovsky said.

Lesovsky takes off from second base during a game. Photo credit: Lindsay Pincus

Team chemistry

One player is only as strong as her team but whether it’s with her whole team or just her pitcher, Lesovsky embodies the true meaning of being a team player.

“Its so interesting, a lot of the seniors are best friends with the freshman on the team and vice versa,” Lesovsky said. “They know that we just want what’s best for them and the bonds we develop off the field definitely help with that.”

One of her closest bonds with a teammate happened in her first year. When living in the dorms, Lesovsky was paired with senior pitcher Brooke Langeloh, who was not only her teammate but the pitcher to her catcher.

“Her and I go way back; we know each other so well but we see the game so differently,” Lesovsky said. “If it wasn’t for all the time we spent together and all the effort we put in to make our catcher-pitcher relationship function, it wouldn’t be what it is now, but we have definitely grown to understand and respect each other’s opinion over time.”

The off-field insider

When she isn’t hitting walk-off home runs or holding a near perfect fielding percentage, Lesovsky can be found serving up treats to the rest of her team.

“She loves to cook. We have been to her house countless times for team dinners. People just don’t know that about Brynn, but they should cause she is amazing at it,” Gonzalez said.

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