Christian advocate sparks rally with name calling


Morgan Gray, junior recreation and communication major, reacts to Ron’s condemnation of homosexuality. Photo credit: Ryan Corrall

An advocate of the Christian faith caused waves on campus Wednesday as he sermonized in the free speech area.

His words sparked an emotionally-charged crowd to gather carrying hand made signs in protest of his message. Signs read “He doesn’t even go here,” “all you need is love,” and “we’re here, we’re queer, get over it.”

Eventually, individuals in the crowd began standing apart and calling for the gathering to disperse.

“Hey guys! Lets celebrate love and lets not celebrate hate. All he wants is attention. Take away his attention,” said Ifechinyre Agbodike, senior inter-varsity Christian fellowship club member. “He gives christianity a bad name.”

“I find it kind of sad. As much as this man believes in his religion, he’s going to go home believing that he did a good job,” said Jason Melborn, sophomore guitar performance major.

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