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Chico State's independent student newspaper

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Superstitions across sports

Corey Silverstrom practices dribbling before a game. Photo credit: John Domogma

Superstition is common among the athletes at Chico State. Senior shooting guard Corey Silverstrom, has several different superstitions to enhance his game.

“I personally have my own superstitions, I like to show up early to each game to try to get in the zone. I also have a certain playlist to listen through to hype myself up,” Silverstrom said.

Along with his own playlist, Silverstrom also pays close attention to his diet, choosing to get chunky strawberry energy bowl from Jamba Juice before every game. While Silverstrom has his own beliefs, the entire men’s basketball team has made it tradition to go Olive Garden before each away game.

Silverstrom also explained how other teammates, such as first year guard Joseph Lynch, have their own superstitions.

“Joe likes to keep a dime in the shoe of his forward foot when he shoots,” Silverstrom said. “He says it gives him luck.”

Coach Nick Green of the men’s and women’s golf teams also had his own superstitions in the past, but grew out of them after finding them to be silly.

“I used to mark my golf balls in putting range with a quarter I kept in my pocket and flip it and place it where my golf ball was, if I missed the hole I would flip the coin to the reverse sign and place it where the ball was,” Green said.

While Green has grown out of his superstitions, he understands that they are a common trend among his golfers. Green noticed one player in particular, junior Colby Dean, has more rituals than most golfers.

“Colby Dean has a lot of superstitions. He has a preference of what’s in his pockets when he plays,” Green said. “Dean always keeps his cell phone in his left pocket whenever he’s on the green.”

Junior cross country runner Daniel Harrigan, also has several items and rituals he believes might boost his performance.

“Last year I would make sure I had my head band, and I also make sure to have my calf sleeves,” said Harrigan.

Harrigan was adamant about being reserved on game days, and sticking to a familiar routine, to prevent being thrown off his game.

As their seasons begin, athletes will be preparing and training for their seasons ahead, but some of these athletes may not feel complete without participating in their game day rituals or having their lucky socks on.

Gabriel Moreno can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter @GabeSports3.

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