Police gear up for Halloween night

Amanda Irons
Amanda Irons

Happy Halloween Wildcats!

You know what that means. Tonight and into the weekend, Chico will be hosting countless out-of-towners for ghoulish fun deep into the early morning.

To counter this lavish celebration, the university has cracked down on students by encouraging professors to implement Friday exams, and resist the urge to cancel class for today and tomorrow. This push can only prolong the parties that students are anxiously awaiting to attend.

On the security side of things, law enforcement will have the help of outside police, sheriff, and state park officers, as well as campus police and even a districts attorney investigator. Law enforcement is encouraging the community to “keep it small, keep it safe, and keep it out of sight.”

So remember Wildcats, this weekend is serious business. If you are stumbling and bumbling downtown and they catch you, they will send your costumed-hindquarters to the Oroville drunk tank. This is also a no-glass weekend, starting at 6 p.m. tonight and ending 6 a.m. Sunday morning. The glass ban spans across the downtown region and over to the south side of campus. That means enjoy your Burnett’s at home, and do not even think about breaking bottles outside of your downtown apartments.

Chico police department is shelling out $75,000 to keep Chico safe during the population surge, and they will not hesitate to reprimand suspicious or violent behavior. So respect downtown, respect law enforcement, and respect your peers.

As far as my research shows, there will be no horse cops patrolling this weekend.

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