Women’s soccer team struggles in CCAA opener


First-year forward Sarah Yang attempts a slide tackle during a ‘Cats home game. Photo credit: Aubrie Coley

After an undefeated preseason, the women’s soccer team has struggled in the CCAA with a 0-2 record.

Last season, the team went 8-3-1 during their league play and started out the year with a worse preseason record.

Part of the current losing streak is the ‘Cats extended road trip, as they have their first four matches on the road. With the trip only half way over, Chico State will have to win the next two games.

Another reason contributing to the team’s downfall is that 15 out of 30 players are first-years beginning their collegiate careers.

While many of these athletes have had success, like starting goalkeeper Caitlyn Duval, the experience of traveling with the team and the stress of missing school might be affecting their game.

The team’s combination of traveling and inexperienced players shows when they make mistakes in away games. Duval only allowed one goal during the five games of the preseason but has allowed three in the last two games.

Chico State has proven they can score, having scored 10 goals this year, but have been ineffective in the last two games despite having a staggering offensive advantage. In the last game, the ‘Cats failed to score on 27 shots, while they were beaten 0-1 by Cal State Monterey Bay who only took five.

Ten games remain in the CCAA, which leaves a large window for Chico State to come out on top of the league. Even though the ‘Cats have a chance, they’ll have to overcome the four remaining away games on their schedule and hope their more veteran players can pick up the slack.

The ‘Cats return to the field on Sept. 23 against Cal State San Marcos in their third game of the CCAA.

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