University rankings don’t measure success


Photo credit: David Molina

When deciding which college to attend, high school graduates and transfer students consider aspects such as the location of the college, the prices of tuition and most importantly, the school’s reputation.

The most prestigious schools are becoming more and more competitive, according to The Washington Post. The acceptance rates are only getting lower, which is why many students should reconsider the many different aspects that CSU campuses have to offer.

Chico State has an acceptance rate of 72.4 percent and offers cheaper tuition than most colleges. Tuition at Chico State is roughly $15,930 including extra expenses such as boarding and meal plans, whereas the tuition fee at UC schools is roughly around $35,000 to $37,000, according to the Chico State web page.

Last year, I was able to catch up with an old friend who is now attending UCLA. I asked her how she was liking it and her response was, “I hate it. I want to transfer but you really can’t turn away from that kind of university, I mean, it’s UCLA.”

In a study from the National Bureau of Economic Research, Yale graduates were earning 30 percent more than those who graduated from Tulane, a university in Louisiana with a 30 percent acceptance rate.

Researchers compared students who entered more prestigious colleges, such as Yale or Harvard, to those who didn’t. The research found that these students had the same income 20 years later as those who attended and graduated from a distinguished school.

Chico State has been ranked No. 8 for best public regional University in the West, according to US News’ Best Colleges Ranking 2017. In addition, the acceptance rate has gotten higher since 2013 when it was at 71.6 percent. The acceptance rate for the 2016-2017 school year is at 72.4 percent.

Many people still continue to refer to Chico State as just a party school. During the open hours of the library, any person can see that there are countless students forming study groups, doing their homework and studying for tests all day, not partying 24/7.

Many people can argue that students must stay on top of their class work in order to be worthy of attending prestigious colleges. But in reality, one must be on top of their studies all the time. If the same amount of effort, knowledge and hard work is being put in, it shouldn’t matter which college students attend.

People don’t apply to Chico State because of the school’s reputation, but many don’t realize the dedication that Wildcat students put in.

With students at Chico State putting in as much effort as Ivy League schools, the difference between them lies only in reputation.

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