Biphobia a real problem


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The United States has come a long way with LGBTQ rights.

Over a year ago the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. LGBTQ people see more representation in the media with active celebrities advocating for the support of the community. It’s not only limited to famous people, as politicians have been active in raising awareness through their own campaigns.


Regardless of the strides that have been made, bisexuality remains an issue. Some people don’t see bisexuality as a legitimate sexuality, claiming that bi-people are indecisive. Bisexuals face severe prejudice from the ignorance of people who see them as confused and within the LGBTQ community who see them as illegitimate.

The Movement Advancement Project, BiNet USA and the Bisexual Resource Center released a report titled Understanding Issues Facing Bisexual Americans. Fifty-two percent of the LGBTQ community identifies as bisexual, according to the report. It’s a necessity that we expand our knowledge on the culture and issues facing the large part of our society.

These are 6 interesting facts from the report:


1.) Bisexuals are less likely to come out to the important people in their life.

Only 28 percent of bisexuals say that the important people in their life know that they are bisexual, while 77 percent of gay men and 71 percent of lesbians have come out to their loved ones.

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2.) More women identify as bisexual than men.

Of the 52 percent in the LGBTQ community that identifies as bisexual, 33 percent are women and only 19 percent are men.

3.) Sixty percent of bisexuals report hearing anti-bi jokes and comments on the job.

Twenty percent have received a negative employment decision based on their sexuality. This correlates with 49 percent of bisexual people who have decided not to come out to their co-workers, compared to 24 percent of lesbian and gay people.

4.) Bisexual people experience more violence in their intimate relationships.

Bisexual women experience significantly higher rates of violence: 46 percent of bisexuals have reported rape, compared to 13 percent of lesbian women and 17 percent of straight women. These facts may be smaller than what is actually true, due to the underreporting of rape victims.

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5.) Bisexual survivors of violence more likely to be subjected to criticism by police officials.

When bisexuals report violence to the police, they are three times more likely to receive criticism and backlash than people who are not bisexual.

6.) Bisexual people are more inclined to substance abuse.

One study finds that bisexual men reported higher rates of risky drinking with 16.3 percent compared to 11.1 percent of gay men and 13.3 percent of straight men. They also found that bisexual youth are more inclined to substance abuse than their peers.

Sexuality impacts individuals and influences thoughts, actions, beliefs and affects our relationship with the world. Bisexual erasure is denying the existence of bisexuality, leaving an entire population without an identity.

It’s ignorant to deny the light of people who identify as bisexual. It’s not fair for a group of people to be crammed into molds that are not their own just because it is convenient for people to see others as definitely gay or straight.

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