I tried some coffee shops so you wouldn’t have to


Coffee is no joke to me. When I first decided to attend Chico State my initial fear was that I wouldn’t find a coffee shop that met my expectations.

Back in San Diego I have two coffee shops I became obsessed with once my caffeine adiction really kicked in. I go to coffee shops mainly to socialize and enjoy the delicious taste of a cappuccino but also to relax, people-watch and soak up the atmosphere.

Last week I dedicated myself to finding a coffee shop in Chico which delivered a cool atmosphere, reasonable prices and great tasting coffee.


The Naked Lounge Tea and Coffee House

If atmosphere and aesthetics mean anything to you then this spot is sure to draw you in. Located on 118 W. Second St, its the perfect place for people-watching and meeting up with friends after class. This coffee shop not only has a rad setup but also features art by local artists. Their cappuccino, although on the pricier side, has a real quality taste. The foam was poured so perfectly that there were no imperfections in the floral design that laid on top of my drink. I wouldn’t quite make this my every morning coffee shop, but it’s definitely great for dates or treating yourself from time to time.


Peet’s Coffee

Located on 145 Main St., there are plenty of outside tables and chairs which is what really sold me. Their iced caramel macchiato even out-did Starbucks’, in my opinion. With a student ID I was able to get a discount and enjoy the same beverage I would get on campus, but for less money. One of the baristas even gave out samples of their holiday special. Overall this spot exceeded my expectations for a chain coffee shop, and I can see myself going there quite often.

Tin Roof Bakery and Cafe

Hands down my favorite. This little cafe/bakery is located on 627 Broadway St. Although its location isn’t quite in the heart of downtown it was still packed on a Saturday morning. I had a cappuccino and although it didn’t come with coffee art, it was delicious. It was by far the best cappuccino I’ve had in Chico and for only about $3. I also had to try one of the pastries, a chocolate hazelnut cookie, that blew my taste buds away. I only wish there had been more comfortable outside seating and that it was a bit closer to campus, but other than that I loved it.

Has Beans Coffee and Tea Company

You can’t miss this catchy named cafe located on 1078 Humboldt Ave. The baristas were super friendly and even suggested I make edits to my order, making it extra yummy. The set up inside wasn’t very decorative but somehow still appealing to the eye. It’s a cute little shop to bring a date or some friends, kick back and enjoy a blended ice coffee. The prices were pretty average for a small coffee shop. This one is also a bit of a walk from campus.


I know this is basic but the one located on 246 Broadway St. actually has a real homey feeling. Its not your typical run in and run out Starbucks. It has all the looks of an authentic coffee shop with drinks only Starbucks can produce. I had a salted caramel latte which ended up tasting a bit funky but not so bad that I couldn’t drink it. Any place with holiday specials is a great place. The prices are a bit high in my opinion. For me, Starbucks is more of a once in a while treat. I’m a lover of coffee and don’t really crave all the extra sauces and sugars.

Chico, although small, has many different coffee shops suitable for various tastes. Depending on your style, location preference and price range there are plenty of shops to chose from. I suggest all coffee lovers get out there and try new spots too.

Mina Marjanovic can be reached at [email protected] or @marjanovicmina6 on Twitter.