#WomensMarch was disappointing

The premise of the march is something that everyone should agree with.

Women and men are equal. Women’s reproductive rights will be under attack under President Trump, and there is a rational fear about what this new administration will do. But the point ends there.

This entire march was used more as a platform to spew ridiculous claims about how women are oppressed, Trump is sexist, white people suck and racism is still a huge problem in this country.

Women aren’t oppressed, Trump isn’t sexist and racism isn’t a big problem in this country anymore. This march proved how third wave feminism poisons any kind of rational criticism you may have towards an individual.

Women don’t make as much as a man. They don’t have equal representation in government or STEM fields because of the choices they make in choosing their career. It’s as simple as that.

I am the only male in my opinion section on The Orion. I could easily make the claim that men are being discriminated against at The Orion, but I won’t because that would be a ridiculous thing to claim.

Trump made some inappropriate comments about how women let him do anything to them because he’s famous. This was followed by the famous “grab ’em by the p—y” line that everyone jokes about. It was very cringeworthy locker room talk, but not at all sexist.

There will always be racist individuals. Those aren’t the people who should be respected. There are programs like affirmative action that encourage students of color to go to universities. There are scholarships you get for just being African-American or a Latino. Just because there isn’t equal representation doesn’t mean that it’s a racist problem.

The point that bothers me the most is the glorification of the hijab. People are quick to talk about Islam as a peaceful and beautiful religion. They then forget that living as a woman in an Islamic country is one of the worst experiences in modern society.

The hijab is an instrument of sexual oppression that is forced on millions of women. If a Muslim woman does not wear a hijab, most people in Islamic countries will label her as a whore. The religion goes entirely against the beliefs of feminists but is constantly protected because of the fear of being labeled as “racist.”

Abortion should always be legal, and it pains me to see that a march, which could potentially do some good in persuading Donald Trump, is diminished by uninformed rhetoric.

Roberto Fonseca can be reached at [email protected] or @rjfonseca13 on Twitter.