OrionScopes: Week of Jan. 30

Editor’s note: The horoscopes below are compiled in a collaborative effort from The Orion’s opinion staff and have no actual bearing on current astrology.


Because temperamental Mars is in Aries you are finding it difficult to balance school, work and a social life. Get organized by managing your time and find a schedule that works best for you. Bite the bullet and spend the extra $9 to get that ridiculous planner from Target that includes the completely irrelevant stickers to add to your schedule.


Sun in Aquarius has you questioning your initial judgment on who you consider to be a friend. Be the bigger person and forgive the people who have wronged you. Instead of getting angry at your roommate for drinking the rest of your Torpedos, let it roll off your back and just make sure you hide them in those “clean” socks under your bed next time.


Signs who are ruled by Mercury tend to get stressed out easily by finances. Textbooks and back to school supplies may be draining your savings. Now might be a good time to look into a part-time job or paid internship. Search for something that interests you and it won’t feel like work at all. Craigslist is a great place to find jobs in Chico, just stay away from the creative gigs section unless you’re interested in webcam role playing involving feet.


Because you tend to be emotional and your ruling planet is the moon, you can’t help but be a crybaby at times. To harness your emotions while adjusting to the new semester try to lay low with friends. Cut ties with the sorority girls you met at the flannels and handles party last weekend. The potential stress of them not replying to your Snapchat shouldn’t be a concern when you are getting used to your classes.


Sensual Mars in Aries has you in a more promiscuous mood than usual. Although you are tempted to go home with the dude who let you “slap his wine bag” all night, you should refrain. Avoiding impulsive behavior especially in the sexual sense and it will help you stay focused on your new classes. If you really can’t help yourself, Amazon has good quality “toys” for great prices.


Because your ruling planet is Mercury, you strive for organization. Getting ahead is your key to getting stuff done this semester. Just because it’s not finals week doesn’t mean it’s not a good time to start logging hours at the library. If you’re really committed you can save yourself $200 by finishing a semester’s worth of assignments on mystatlab during the week free trial period.


Because of your lazy nature, those 8 a.m. mornings are going to be a struggle for you, Libra. Prepare for your early mornings by getting to bed at an appropriate time. The more energy you have, the better your day will be. Coffee is your friend. Go for that large double torture at Dutch Bros. Six shots of espresso never killed anyone.


Venus has you in a more energetic mood than usual. Put this energy to good use by hitting the WREC or enduring the treacherous hike up Monkey Face. Running across town to the next frat party doesn’t count as exercise. Unless you’re wearing heels.


Your adventurous nature may have you thinking about studying abroad in the future. Don’t be afraid to look into places that interest you and save up some money to make it happen. Experiencing new people and cultures can open your eyes to what is out there in the world beyond Chico. Now is a great time to escape the country anyway, you never know when other nations are going to start building walls of their own.


Try to tone down your need to control everything this year, Capricorn. Going into your professor’s office hours to discuss why you got a 92 percent isn’t helpful, it’s annoying. Respect your group project members by not sending them passive aggressive texts when they didn’t get started on the assignment the first day it was assigned.


What better way to celebrate the start of a new semester and your birthday than getting together with friends? Tuesday nights are ideal for inexpensive activities to do in Chico. You can enjoy a movie at Cinemark for $5 or go to Riley’s buck night and not remember any of the night for about the same price. Just remember that the health center finally stopped issuing “excuse from class” notes without an appointment, so don’t let all this fun get in the way of class.


Pluto in the 10th house has you feeling overwhelmed very early on in this semester. This stress might tempt you to drop a class. Don’t do it. Stick it out and put in the work necessary to achieve your semester goals. You will find a sense of accomplishment for your perseverance. Remember MLK didn’t achieve greatness by taking only 12 units.

Brandi Gualco can be reached at [email protected] or @TheOrion_News on Twitter.