Liberals promote fascism


Photo credit: Chase Falk

It’s been a long three weeks since Donald Trump was inaugurated, and I’ve never seen a country so angry.

The things people are saying and doing are things that are entirely new to the political sphere. The media’s coverage of Trump and the explosion of social media in the last five years has greatly impacted the way people view politics today.

I think the biggest problem with people today is the lack of critical thinking on both sides of the political spectrum. However, worse behavior goes to the left at this point in time.

Don’t get me wrong, right-wingers are just as bad when it comes to painting with a broad brush when it comes to their opponents. To a right-winger, everyone who disagrees with them is a “cuck,” “snowflake” and “libtard.” Whereas everyone on the right to a liberal is a racist, homophobe, xenophobe, Islamophobe and “literally Hitler.”

There is a huge difference between being called a racist and a snowflake. The social ramifications you get from being called the former are significantly worse.

It is not only the labels that divide the two groups, as the left does not seem to care for free speech, arguably the most prominent liberal value. The behavior the left shows is not that of progressive, open minded people, but that of fascists.

This kind of fascist behavior is exemplified with the riots at UC Berkeley and the assault on Richard Spencer.

I’m amazed at how people seemed to sympathize with the rioters. Even the organizer of the UC Berkeley protest, Yvette Felarca, came out in an interview and called it a “success,” and that “militant” protests are how the left should be moving forward. She then called Milo Yiannopoulous every buzzword you can think of.

I agree with Milo when he talks about political correctness, race and the threat of Islam in the west, but that’s it. He annoys me, but he is in no way some kind of bigot.

Richard Spencer is an actual racist. He thinks that whites are just inherently superior and is on the record of saying that whites need an “ethno-state” so they can feel safe and secure again. This would mean deporting every person who isn’t white. These things are indisputably horrible, but he’s using his right to free speech.

Punching a guy does nothing to combat racism.

Let a person speak. Let their garbage ideas show how much of an idiot they actually are. Once we start punching people just because we disagree with them then that’s where things can get very dangerous. It’s a slippery slope.

Physically assaulting someone and shutting down their freedom of speech just because they have different ideas than you is the way that fascism begins to take root in society. Liberals love to talk about how much they hate Hitler, but suppressing the people’s voice isn’t helping them look any less like him.

In regards to the future, I am certain of only one thing: Trump will be re-elected. I don’t want that. So I plead with the left to open their eyes. Stop being so arrogant and start acting like adults.

Roberto Fonseca can be reached at [email protected] or @rjfonseca13 on Twitter.