Chico scrutinizing binge-drinking too harshly


Photo credit: Chase Falk

Chico State students are infamous for blurring the line of knowing how much alcohol is too much. While some people attribute binge drinking as a lack self-control, others wonder if they simply value getting hammered.

Taking Chico’s party reputation into consideration, it’s safe to assume the thrill of getting drunk is something some students hold near and dear to their heart. Aside from alcohol poisoning and the possibility of being the subject of unfortunate YouTube videos, drinking too much is being scrutinized more than it ever should.

Ever since the “pioneer days” Chico State has been known as a place where students get a little too wild in their free time. Liquor stores in the downtown area should be writing the school administration thank you notes for closing campus on Cesar Chavez day.

Even the local bars have extended the weekend specials to beginning Tuesday, known as “Buck Night” lasting until “Sunday Funday.” These weekly events prove to have a large turnover and the students aren’t just enjoying a single beer. Riley’s bartenders confirm that hundreds of alcoholic beverages are sold to students every Tuesday while Chico State is in session.

Binge drinking on college campuses is a growing epidemic according to a New York Times study. The article states that the binge-drinking rate among college students has hovered above 40 percent for two decades.

The article also states that colleges tend to look the other way. A few years after said article was published, there are still students who choose to indulge in hard-alcohol fueled nights.

We have the issue of safety on campus and University Police has to be cautious of underage drinkers. But overall there are more important things to worry about than having a party reputation.

“Among 705 U.S. colleges and universities that received a Money ranking, CSU, Chico is 95th – the highest of any CSU campus. Last year, Chico was number 154 in the national ranking,” said Joe Willis in a 2016 public affairs announcement.

Our administration brags about the rankings we hold in graduation rates but also scrutinizes alcohol consumption as an active hobby among students.

They know drinking is unhealthy and may lead them to text an ex and they still go on with it. But lets give binge-drinkers the benefit of the doubt.

If anything, Chico State can pride itself in students who can balance social lives and a good work ethic. The campus administration needs to stop wasting its time and energy on the portion of students who get a kick out of attending their morning classes while still buzzed from the night before.

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