University housing remains silent


Photo credit: Kristina Judy

It is inexcusable that university housing has yet to comment on their reasons for firing 23 resident advisors earlier on this semester. The incident has left those students jobless, with a lack of food and even homeless in more serious situations.

The resident advisers were fired because they attended a birthday party where residents of their dorms were drinking. When University Housing found out about this they told the residential advisors to be out within the week.

When a student decides to become a resident advisor they get room and board as compensation. When these students were fired, those benefits were taken away.

A few weeks after the incident, some of the students who were fired are still struggling to get back on their feet.

The Chico Sol did an article on Edgar Vasquez, a junior enrolled at Chico State. The 21-year-old student had attended the party and did consume alcohol, but did not go anywhere near the dorms that night, according to the article. He was stilled called into the supervisors of University Housing and because of his honesty, he was fired.

The article claims that Vasquez has been left homeless and without much food since he has been let go by University Housing.

While there have been incidents like this in the past at other CSU’s this is the most amount of students let go at once on Chico State campus. Currently, first-year students are being considered or have already been hired to fulfill the empty positions.

Considering University Housing has not given residents any definite solutions as to what will come, students are left to be confused and upset about the situation.

“It was really sad because our floor was really close with our RA,” said Noah Wagner a first-year student in Esken Hall.

There are rumors going around the dorms that current student residents may be hired on or that they may find new candidates entirely. There are also rumors going around that fired RA’s may even already be in the running to get hired as advisors for the upcoming semester. That is if they can swallow their pride and work for an organization that may have led them to economic hardship.

This organization is going directly against their mission statement of being a positive influence and partner to the university community. The students who were fired and first-year students who were left without appropriate supervision were not being influenced positively.

The resident halls are a great place to meet other people new to the college scene. Unfortunately, an altercation with this association does not mirror the accepting characteristics that other organizations on campus hold.

When a student is kicked out of the resident halls they not only have to find new housing but are required to continue paying the room and board fees according to Title IX. Not to mention it is nearly impossible for a student to move out of their dorm during a school year even if the reason is unaffordability.

Now the claim can be made that if a resident advisor attends a party that person will be fired despite the circumstances. Putting students on the street is not only unnecessary, it is cruel.

The Resident Hall Association needs to start being more transparent about their reasoning behind their actions. University Housing has some explaining to do if they want to drop their tyrannical reputation.

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