Trump missile strikes create more conflict


Photo credit: Jessica Johnson

When hardcore Trump supporters like Richard Spencer and Ann Coulter are angry at Trump, something is wrong.

On April 7, President Trump ordered air strikes on a Syrian airbase in response to the chemical attacks by Bashar Al-Assad that happened on April 4. The chemical attack had gone viral on social media and was one of the main reasons why Trump decided to act.

Hillary Clinton and Justin Trudeau have since come out in support of the attacks in the most bizarre situation during Trumps presidency so far. The republicans and democrats seem to be completely turned around on the situation.

The only thing that this airstrike proves is that Trump is a liar. He had stated during his campaign in 2016 that he didn’t want to intervene in the Middle East. This was a big difference between Clinton and Trump’s campaign that made Trump popular.

There was no reason to believe that Trump was going to be truthful about his campaign promises. He has been lying throughout his entire presidency, and even during his campaign.

I don’t agree with the airstrikes, but I also don’t think that this will result in World War III as many on social media would think. This isn’t also something that would have been unique to Trump. Hillary was way more vocal about her support of intervening in the Syrian civil war and would have been much more hawkish in her approach to the situation.

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Photo credit: Roberto Fonseca


There are essentially three sides to the Syrian civil war.

  1. The Syrian Government, led by Bashar Al-Assad. They are fighting against both the Free Syria Army and ISIS. They are backed by Russia.
  2. The Free Syrian Army, or, as they’re known in the U.S., the rebels. They are fighting against the Syrian Government and ISIS
  3. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria who are fighting against the FSA and the Syrian Government.

In hindsight, we should be supporting the rebels as Clinton has said in the past. This might not have been entirely successful since there have been reports of rebels betraying the U.S. and giving their weapons over to ISIS. Essentially meaning that the U.S. is training future ISIS fighters.

There have also been conflicting reports about the amount of Free Syrian Army members left in Syria. Some reports have claimed it to be 4,000 while others claim 60,000. The war has left the group entirely dismantled.

Without the Free Syrian Army Assad has managed to take a place of prominence. He has been killing his own people for over six years we should not be supporting the regime of such a horrific dictator, but the bigger picture is eliminating ISIS.

Syria and Russia have both been fighting against ISIS, but their efforts have mainly been toward keeping Assad in power, which is the problematic part. This isn’t something that the U.S. should do, but something may have to be done in order to eliminate ISIS.

This airstrike ordered by Trump toward Syrian airfields opposes the goal of making peace in the Middle East. Putin and Assad are allies and there are already tense relations between the United States and Russia as it stands.

The removal of Assad in Syria could be the spark that ignites a full-scale world war, but there still has to be more to be done in order for it to get to that point. This airstrike could be the start of a serious war, or could just be a warning.

There are millions of lives at stake and I hope President Trump is getting proper advice and using the intelligence given to him to great effect. Our future is in the hands of Trump and all we can really hope for is that he listens to his people.

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