The O Face: ‘Rape or regret’ situation causes blurred lines

A comment that read “rape or regret” appeared on The Orion’s web page in response to the reported rape article at Kappa Sigma over Super Bowl weekend. The comment was ignorant and out of place, but brings up issues about sexual assault in a drinking culture that need to be addressed.

Photo credit: Jovanna Garcia

At first look, this statement appeared to be victim blaming. This implies that the victim of the crime did something to deserve the assault or was “asking for it.”

Consent often becomes a gray area when alcohol is added to the mix.

Everyone should know the basics: Don’t sleep with someone who has obviously been drinking in excess, ensure that the person has given clear consent, and watch out for friends if they are in a situation where they don’t have complete control.

But with each additional shot of Burnett’s, these guidelines become less clear. The attempt of Chico State to address sexual assault through student training hasn’t helped.

The Not Anymore training Chico State requires for students to complete is pointless. Making the video mandatory only leads to people skipping through the videos and learning nothing.

People need to depart from the talking points when it comes discussing sexual assault. Both people are responsible for their actions.

A more comprehensive discussion of this widespread issue could help disprove the myths that surround sexual assault.

For example, men are the ones who are stereotyped as potential assaulters which only worsens when one is intoxicated.

While there is some merit to the stereotype, considering most acts of sexual assault are committed by males, it is a double standard to think men are always the one to take things too far after the party. We can not solely slap men on the wrists for forgetting what happened the previous night when girls black out as well.

Sometimes, if a man that felt he was taken advantage of, he would be considered too feminine. We need to rethink the idea that “boys will be boys” because in most cases not every man is as sexually driven as people believe.

Of course, both parties are responsible for making sure consent is reciprocated, but it is not a person’s responsibility to monitor how much a possible partner is drinking.

Sex usually isn’t planned but ensuring that both men and women ask themselves if they are sober enough to go through with the act is important.

Although, we are college students and drunk sex is going to happen, we are still adults and being responsible within our hookup culture is a two-way street.

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