Let them spark it up


Photo credit: courtesy of creative commons

Medical marijuana has become less of a taboo and more of an alternative choice for medication; even though it’s just in 28 states. While there are benefits, there is still a fuss when it comes to an athlete using it for injuries.

Athletes should be allowed to use medical cannabis if they are genuinely treating an injury. While marijuana is known to have chemicals to help deal with pain, it becomes a problem when an athlete uses it recreationally. But really, it should be treated and handled like alcohol.

Alcohol kills more people per year yet it is still for sale for consumption. There are commercials advertising alcoholic drinks nonstop. ESPN alone advertises an alcoholic beverage every time there is a commercial break for many of its shows are sponsored by an alcohol company. In addition there is an opioid epidemic going on with doctors now turning to medical marijuana for opioid and heroin addiction.

In last three years, more and more athletes have shown support of medical marijuana as a form of medication for athletes. In 2016, former NBA player Jay Williams said at least 80 percent of the league are already self-medicating with medical cannabis. Former NFL player Jake Plummer has said using medical cannabis has improved the way he feels. Not to mention all of the other NFL stars such as Brett Favre who have spent time in rehab treating an addiction of prescription medication.

Athletes should be allowed to use medical marijuana as a form of medication. If the athlete feels like that is what is best for them, then who are we to say he cannot? If everything is done by the book, then there should be no problem. It is far better having the athletes using medicinal marijuana than having them turn to alcohol or having to deal with an opioid addiction.

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