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Clinique counter offers unique products, services

Clinique Story
Photograph by Shelby Keck
Chico State senior Melanie Hanley brushes on makeup Thursday on Brooke Harder. Hanley will do makeup for dances, high school and college graduations.


Applying makeup is a fine art. The face is the canvas and the tools are brushes, liners, powders, gloss and mascara.

The student workers at the Wildcat store makeup counter practice the fine art of concealing blemishes and accentuating beauty on a regular basis. They offer free makeup sessions and consultations through appointments or walk-ins.

Cara Farrell, a senior recreation major, has been working at the counter for two years.

“Makeup has always been my biggest passion,” Farrell said. “I used to trade my makeup back and forth with my friends when I was a child.”

Farrell first saw the makeup counter during her sophomore year at Chico State and immediately knew she wanted to work there, she said.

Melanie Hanley, a senior project management major, has been working at the counter for almost a year.

“This has been my best job so far,” Hanley said.

During their time at the counter, Farrell and Hanley have done makeup for high school girls going to prom, dances and even graduation makeup for both high school students and Chico State students.

People also come to the makeup artists with unconventional requests. One girl came in with bruises on her face after getting injected with Botox, an injectable cosmetic substance used to eliminate frown lines.

“A girl came in with little bruises all over her face because she had just gotten Botox,” Farrell said. “She had to get a picture taken later that day and forgot, so she asked me to cover up her Botox marks.”

When Hanley is creating a look for girls going to prom, she has to do her job under scrutiny.

“When I do prom makeup, a lot of the time, their moms are there,” Hanley said. “They always make sure the makeup is under control.”

A popular look people ask for is the smoky eye and the Kim Kardashian look, Farrell said.

Farrell’s personal favorite product is a blemish remover called BB cream, which is used to blur fine lines and imperfections.

“If I was stranded on an island, I would bring my BB cream,” Farrell said. “You still gotta cover up those wrinkles, right?”

For those who aren’t skilled and experienced with makeup, using the Internet helps, Farrell said.

“Learning makeup in one session is really hard,” she said. “It takes a lot of practice. Get your technique down, don’t overdo it and go on YouTube to watch tutorials.”

The best part about the job is seeing a person’s confidence and self-esteem raised, Hanley said.

“They have a new pep in their step when they’re walking out,” she said. “It’s really rewarding to see customers leaving feeling confident.”


Sharon Martin can be reached at[email protected] or @SharonBMartin on Twitter.

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