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  • Customers enjoying all-you-can eat rolls as servers work in Sake restaurant. Taken by Jessica Miller on April 18.


    All-you-can-eat sushi: Sake restaurant is now open

  • The student Health Center is located on the intersection of Ivy and Legion. Photo by Jason Halley. Taken May 1, 2023.


    Chico State warns of potential tuberculosis case on campus

  • Holocaust Survivor Joseph Alexander meets local Rabbi Lisa Rappaport. Photo taken April 14 by Molly Myers.


    101-year-old Holocaust survivor visits Chico

  • New lounge bar servicing exclusive menu and new cocktails in Rawbar’s remodeled extension. Taken by Alina Babajko on April 14.


    The Rawbar reinvented: classy and oceanic

  • Chico State students bury the 2023 time capsule in front of Kendall Hall. Courtesy: Andrew Staples


    Chico State’s annual Time Capsule Ceremony to take place on April 23

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Chico State's independent student newspaper

The Orion

Chico State's independent student newspaper

The Orion

Chico State's independent student newspaper

The Orion

While A.S. can earn over $20 million per year, the net income isnt that high due to several expenses.

A.S. estimated budget surpasses $20 million

Alex Grant // April 11, 2018

Chico State's student government controls several on-campus businesses such as the Wildcat Recreation Center, the Wildcat Store and Sutter Dining Services. A.S.'s current estimated income this year is...

Wildcat Store employees Ruben Ruiz, a first-year sociology major, and Victoria Diaz, a sophomore sociology major, get ready for the end-of-semester book return rush. Photo credit: Michael Arias

Wildcat Store adapts during 1st year of outsourced management

Michael Arias // May 4, 2015
After signing the store over to the private company Follett, concerns surrounding employee benefits, costs and local purchasing were the primary worries.

For cheap textbooks, make like a pirate

Veronica De La Cruz // October 3, 2014
There are several alternatives to buying expensive textbooks from the Wildcat Store.
Associated Students director of legislative affairs, Darion Johnston. Photo courtesy Chico State.

A.S. ends employee bookstore discounts

Anna Sobreviñas // September 24, 2014
The Associated Students is finding other ways to give its employees bookstore discounts after deciding to discontinue their rewards system. Last year, the A.S. spent more than $17,000 out of its own revenue on employee discounts.
Kyle Merker, civil engineering major and Taryn Harvey, communication sciences and disorders major, are installing bookshelves at the Wildcat Store. Merker and Harvey are student employees for the Associated Students. Photo credit: John Domogma

A.S. halts employee discount at bookstore

Daisy Dardon // September 22, 2014
The A.S. is deciding Tuesday if it wants to continue the employee discounts that were available in previous semesters or if other options should be considered.
Illustration by Rachel Dugo

New Follett bookstore is a downgrade

Megan Mann // September 19, 2014
Although there are a few nice changes, the new Wildcat store is a disappointment.

Bookstore terminates loyalty point system

Madison Holmes // August 31, 2014
The Follett-owned Wildcat Store, with its own sales system and website, will honor the remaining points students have until Sept. 15.

A private Wildcat Store must put students first

May 14, 2014
The unsigned Orion editorial is the collaborative opinion of the editorial board.
Business Marketing major and bookstore employee Kyle Sacher sorting books at the Wildcat Store. Photo credit: Matthew Vacca

Wildcat Store could be outsourced

Ernesto Rivera // May 12, 2014
The Associated Students is negotiating a contract with Follett textbooks sparking concerns with buying power at the local level and employee retention.
Prin Mayowa

‘Hanger’ hits columnist

Prin Mayowa // March 8, 2014
"Hanger" affects children, adults and college students around the world; an Orion opinion columnist explains how and why.
Jacob Arbogast, A.S. Vice President for Business and Finance.   Orion File Photo

Bookstore to change its business model

Enrique Raymundo // February 8, 2014
The Wildcat Store is communicating with Verizon Wireless to open a full-service Verizon Store on campus.
The A.S. Wildcat Store, in a photo taken in the spring of 2013. The Orion file photo.

Wildcat Store seeks financial stopgap

Enrique Raymundo // February 7, 2014
The A.S. is looking for ways to cut costs, with current projections for the Wildcat Store in the negatives.
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