A.S. ends employee bookstore discounts

Carolyn Pyle, journalism major and Kyle Fales, finance major, help customers at work in the Associated Students bookstore. Photo credit: John Domogma

The Associated Students is not giving its employees discounts to the bookstore anymore after an unanimous vote by the board of directors on Tuesday.

After seeing a drop in the bookstore revenue last semester, the A.S. decided to cut the discounts. Although A.S employees don’t get discounts at the bookstore, they can get discounts in other areas such as the Marketplace Cafe, Sutter Dining and Butte Station.

There will be no more employee discounts but the A.S. will look into other options to show employee appreciation, according to Darion Johnston, A.S. director of legislative affairs.

A subcommittee of students and staff will organize to find alternative ways to give A.S. employees discounts at the bookstore, Johnston said. The recommendations must be presented by November.

Last year, the A.S. spent more than $17,000 out of its own revenue on store discounts for its employees, according to A.S. president Taylor Herren.

This semester, the bookstore had been leased to private textbook company Follett who said they support whatever A.S. decides to do with the employee discounts, said Sarah Foisy, Wildcat store director.

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