For cheap textbooks, make like a pirate

Veronica De La Cruz

Books for free? Sign me up.

The price of textbooks is skyrocketing, so it’s no surprise that students are seeking different methods of getting the cheapest deal.

First semester, I managed to spend over $400 at the Chico State Wildcat store. Now that I look back at this, I realize how easy it is to find alternative ways to save a ton of money.

While renting on Amazon has become one of my favorite methods, some students are lucky enough to find their expensive books online for free.

There’s all kinds of different methods for obtaining books, and if a student can find it online for free, I say why not.

Getting cheap books doesn’t always have to come down to piracy, though.

Now that I’m a junior, it’s become apparent that not every single book assigned is necessary to pass the course. If someone is willing to pass on their material for no cost, it’s definitely a plus.

Posting on different graduating class Facebook pages can either help students sell books or find students willing to sell their old material for a whole lot cheaper.

College students are already paying enough for tuition, so books shouldn’t be such a burdensome extra expense.

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