Pros and cons to living in a dorm vs an apartment


Dorms vs Apartments Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

If you’re beginning your second year at Chico State, you’re most likely experiencing the big move to your first apartment. Most of the time you’re living with your closest friends whom you have met last year.

It’s a huge relief to finally live without strict rules, annoying RA’s and unnecessary check-ins. You can finally say goodbye to the no guest policies on holidays, no loud music after 8 p.m. and other ridiculous regulations.

However, there is definitely a list of pros and cons to this new living situation.

The first con would have to be cooking, living on campus means you were given meal swipes and flex cash that made it super convenient and stress-free to eat.

Additionally, the dining hall food was prepared. Even though the food there is absolute garbage, it is still edible. If you were hungry you didn’t have much of an option.

Cleaning was much easier as well, everything was cleaned up for you. No time taken out of your day to wash dishes.

However, this year you will be having to do all the cooking and washing of dishes on your own, which is not only more time consuming, but more money consuming.

At least at the dining hall, they had somewhat healthy options. These options including a daily arrangement of fruits and a salad bar. Now that you are living on your own, you’re most likely to buy processed and packaged meals because it is cheap and easy.

Another con would be having to be more conservative with the water and light. You’re going to have to pay bills now. Unless you want to pay 400 dollars every month, you’re going to have to be conscientious of what you use.

The on-campus living fee is constant and does not monitor your use of electricity and water.

Now that you are having to pay for those 30-45 minute karaoke showers, it can really cost you. Some could find themselves taking long showers at the gym rather than their own house to save on cash.

Air conditioning is also a luxury. Using it daily can really vamp up your bill. It is ideal to have a fan blowing air in your room rather than AC blowing your wallet.

Overall, the biggest advantage of living in your own apartment is having your own space because you are finally living in your own room.

We all heard of those awful roommate situations, this year you can free yourself from that drama.

It’s not as overwhelming anymore. You are not constantly being surrounded by other students in a cramped area. If somebody sets the fire alarm off, all 560 will not be going down together anymore, Whitney students know what I’m talking about.

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