‘Destiny 2’ rights the wrongs of the series


On board the enemy Cabal ship, the Almighty. A superweapon that can destroy capable of destroying stars. Dominus Ghaul’s lifework, the weapon he used to conquer worlds over the course of centuries. Photo credit: Ulises Duenas

Ulises Duenas

I didn’t like the first “Destiny” all that much but still played a lot of it. Probably more than I should have. That’s the nature of these loot-based games. They keep you coming back for more.

“Destiny 2” improves upon the original in almost every way, most notably in how much there is to do. The developer, Bungie, listened to fan feedback and it shows. The main story can be completed in just a few hours, but besides that, there are a good amount of side-missions called adventures.

The story itself is fine but nothing special. Some big armored character attacks your home and tries to sap the power from the big magic moon in the sky. The rest of the story involves rebuilding your forces so you can take back what was lost. The plot isn’t interesting but the characters and the world that it takes place in is.

The real meat of the game arrives after the story is completed. “Destiny” is all about finding the best gear so that you can take on the most challenging missions, nightfall strikes and raids.

The biggest factor in whether or not someone is going to like “Destiny 2” is dependent on them enjoying grinding for gear. It’s understandable why someone wouldn’t want to do the same missions over and over just for the possibility of finding a better gun or piece of armor. Thankfully, the combat in the game is fun enough to make the grind tolerable.

My favorite thing about “Destiny 2” compared to the first is that it has a lot more respect for the player’s time. The first game had little to do and the grind was insufferable. This sequel has a lot more variety which makes repeating content less of a hassle. Bungie also revealed what the next few weeks have in store for players to keep things fresh.

I don’t usually go out of my way to mention visuals unless they really stand out, but “Destiny 2” has some amazing looking environments. Alien worlds, ancient dungeons and open forests make the variety impressive.

The weakest part of the game is in its writing. The original game’s writing was criticized for being generic and bland. The problem with the writing now is that while the story is more interesting than before, it seems like the writers forced in a lot of humor and quirkiness as a response to the criticism of the last game. Not every character is going to crack jokes, but the dialogue is either used to move the story along or to attempt some Avengers-like humor.

I don’t expect “Destiny 2” to be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s a reason why this series became so popular. Despite its flaws, Bungie has managed to craft a world that’s interesting and a style of game-play that’s addictive and satisfying. Whether I like or not, I’m hooked and excited to see what this game has in store for the future.

[Final Score 4/5]

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loot-based game: Games like Diablo and Borderlands where the focus is on constantly obtaining better and better gear, usually based on a rarity system

Grinding/ the grind: Usually means doing the same thing over and over in hopes of leveling up or finding a rare item.

Nightfall strikes: More difficult versions of multiplayer missions called strikes

Raids: Very long and difficult missions that are done with a team of six people. These missions require teamwork, can take hours to complete but give the best gear in the game.